My new mechanics, any advice?

my new vid in a long time, can u please give me any tips on my mechanics.

I’m no mechanics expert but it looks not bad

the only thing I can pick up on is that you don’t seem to create much hip/shoulder seperation

you should probably try scap loading to create this, if your not sure what this is you should ask oe of the many experts on here for clarification

there is also a pause when you come to the balance point but I’m not sure if thats too bad

thx, yea i noticed thoes too. there just minor problems im sure that wont be too ar to stop, ill try to not do that lil pause and use more of my hip and stuff. thx

wat exactly do u mean by hip rotation and shoulder seperation?

u look really off balance
when u finish it looks like ur legs cross one another

I’m no mechanics expert, but they looked nice and very explosive to me.

Hip Shoulder seperation, is when your hips are open when your shoulder is still closed