My motion

i finally got some sort of video

i was in someone’s backyard… i dunno whos so i didn’t throw the ball

i also didnt ‘throw’ hard because it tends to hurt my arm if theres’ no weight in my hand

ill get new video at my next game


We really need to see you not only throw a ball but throwing with a sense of purpose.

ill try to get some asap

but from what you can see how are my mechanics?

i can’t even see what you’re doing because you’re clothes are so baggy and hide all your movement, along with the crappy lighting

When you come set, your widen your stance. I recommend shortening it to about 12 to 15 inches. This way, you can make a quick jump turn and throw over should you need to pick off someone. The wider your base when you come set, the slower you’ll be on picks. It also slows your motion down because it takes longer to shift your weight back before your body can go forward.

I’d work on this till it’s comfortable. Then, post new video and we can work together on other elements of your delivery.