My Messed Up Windup

Ever since I started pitching I was unsure about my pitching motion, especially through the windup. I went from the “Dragon Stance” to almost turning completely backwards and everything in between. Then after all this I finally peaced it together. Here is a video of me when I was 8 :smiley:

Obviously I am tiny in that video, again I was only 8. My leg kick has gotten even higher and the throw back of the arms is sharper. My wind up has become my identity on the baseball field. And so here is my question: I know parts of it are not necessary but is there anything that is affecting me in a negative way? Thanx

When I played, I used the full windup most of the time, and the way I did it was to raise both arms over my head and come straight down to the belt to deliver the pitch—and I kept my head still with my eyes fixed on the target (the catcher’s mitt) For the stretch I would simply come to a full stop of one or two seconds. What you need to do is work on keeping your head still and not looking around every which way—to take your eyes off the target is to invite disaster.

A pitcher’s delivery should be as efficient as possible.
The leg kick does not need to be especially high,
as long as the pitcher can still generate enough power through his lower body.

high leg kick doesn’t improve velocity, it can create balance issues though. Just consider that your leg kick shouldn’t change your balance and especially tighten your abs to hold the balance.

buwhite- you’re right.
Balance is critical in maintaining good pitching mechanics.