My mehanics are out of wack

My machaincs when i pitch has been terrible in my past couple games and it has cost my team a game and a possible chance at making the finals in a tornment and possibly winning. I feel terrible. My coach says that I am bringing my left leg back to far back and that is causing me twist. The twisting is causeing my control to be really bad. Does andyone know anything I could to do to help correct this.

Assuming your left leg is your stride leg…

Speed up your tempo toward the plate. That will decrease the amount of time you have to counter-rotate and should force you to reduce or eliminate the counter-rotation.

The more I think about it I think I was taking to much time in my windup. Thanks for the help. I will try it. :slight_smile:

More than likely you’re just not getting a long enough stride with that left leg. Too much torso rotation can get your mechanics out of whack, but get your stride as long as possible and land steadily on that foot. Brush it off, you’ll be fine.

Thanks for the help I will try to do that.