My mechs

first game back post acl surgery 5 1/2 months(can see brace on right knee). throwing around 87-90mph on 2 hours sleep…5ip 9k 2h 2bb…ya i need firewire to transfer vid so until then heres some pics.

great mechs

Your mech looks great. I think if you stride farther out toward the catcher and get horizontal to the ground, you’ll increase your velocity.

mechanics look good from what i can tell. main thing i notice is you should probably lengthen stride length. This would definately help you squeeze out some more mph’s i think. you should probably post a video so we can better analyze your mechanics

yea i was going to say the same thing on stride length. the increased stride wont only show up on the radar gun, but also make the pitch seem even faster to the batter seeing as its coming from a shorter distance

ya i kinda took advice…was throwin a pen on wednesday and was just messin around and at top of balance point i kinda paused a little then used front leg to throw my body at glove. threw about 5 pitches that i think were 92-94 but about 20 that went all over place so its a work in progress but stride lengthend and was about the hardest ive ever thrown…that on top of a 80mph changeup that looks like a fastball should be good…thanx 4 advice