My mechs (again)

Couple things I noticed is I think i open up a little early. And when my arm starts coming forward my elbow is above my shoulder level. How can I fix the high elbow problem/

I don’t see a high elbow problem. But I see you stalling out over the back leg until the front leg swings out. Get those hips moving sooner! You might find starting with the knees bent a bit to help.

I’m amazed that you are under the impression that your elbow comes through high. I see it almost a bit low but I’m not going to recommend any changes to it. I do agree with Roger, though, about getting the hips moving sooner.

Gotcha. Thanks alot. I mean it.

You still pause a bit too much at the top of your delivery, and yes you are right you do open up to early. At first I thought you dropped your glove arm but I see you pulled it in but you pulled it in too early which causes your timing to be slightly off and you to open up to soon.

Thanks. Feedback is appreciated

I think you maybe break your hands too early? I’m not really sure. Your pitching arm really hangs almost down behind your hips which is something I did really bad and then I got bad elbow pain because my arm twisted a little weird on the way up and was really violent.