My mechanics

Can someone analyse my mechanics.
not sure if there are enough photos. will make a video asap.

I’m throwing 70mph.

Can’t tell much from this. From what I see it looks pretty good.

Looks very good actually. Only thing I can say though is your glove never really tucks in espacially when you are releasing it is just hanging there.

its not bad. i would say some problems arise after picture 3. like the previous poster said your glove action needs work. if you clean this up i think it would correct much of the other problems which are really symptoms of you glove action. It seems as though your glove is pulling down. try getting you glove out there like you have it in picture 3. from there, leave the glove out there and try to bring your chest to your glove. this will help you maintain better posture and also keep you closed longer which will improve your velocity, location, and keep you healthy.

The only thing that looks like it needs work on --( besides the glove tuck under the arm pit ) is–you need to get more horizontal–to the ground! Your head is over your front foot–plant foot, what you should do is put your head out if front of your foot by–another foot and a half. Your drag leg is in the proper position, but your body is–a little more than 45% instead of 90%–horizontal to the ground. Extend your throwing hand–with ball–TOWARD THE CATCHER–LONGER, then snap it off ( towel drill ), and follow through with your throwing hand till it slaps your knee or lower thigh.

It does look like your glove is too soft but I can’t tell much beyond that. Your hip and shoulder rotation both occur between frames. So does your arm action. I can’t tell if you get good hip and shoulder separation. I can’t tell what your arm slot it.

According to House (who people either credit or blame for the towel drill), the purpose of the drill is not to practice “snapping” or “extension”. It’s a total body, total mechanics drill. If you don’t put all of your mechanics together with proper timing and momentum, you don’t hit the target. Hitting the target is feedback. Having good (perfect for you?) mechanics is the goal.