My mechanics

Some information about me:

16 years old, 6’4".
good conditioned

Ive also pain in my back (look at the picture for the exact location)][img][/img

I hope you guys could give me some advice to improve my mechanics.


The back problems are from bending towards 3rd base when you pitch. Keep your trunk more upright. Look at a video of Roger Clemens. Also you are you are falling towards the 3rd base side when pitch. You lose power and control when you do that.

your back pain is likely caused by your arm slot… your back needs to bend a lot to get the arm up there

your not falling off your opening early – try to stay sideways until your foot plants then start the hips opening

you might want to get a bit more up tempo to your delivery also, could help with the opening early

some will disagree with me here but try to push off the rubber to cue your hip rotation

if you start falling off the mound dont even worry about it, its not a big deal

First of all, thanks for the replies!
And I’m going to work on it, and post a video later on

I can’t say what the cause of your back pain is. Regardless, I would suggest improving your posture by keeping your head and spine upright. You might also try moving to the glove side of the rubber.

Finally, it’s tough to tell from a front view but a little more tempo and momentum might help as well.