my mechanics

I just want to know if my mechanics are correct I am 16

no video

I tried to get the youtube but it isn’t wokring

you need to get some rythm in there, you kind of lift up your leg, set it down then throw.

alright so like smooth out my motion, anything besides that

It looks like a good motion to me, just need to speed it up a little if you can. Giving hitters that much time to think about whether or not they want to swing when they see that ball in your hand for that long may give them a small edge. But I like the motion :slight_smile: It doesn’t seem like you’re dropping your foot that badly really, driving forward with your hips it looks like to me which is good. I don’t see much wrong with it myself but I’m not an expert :slight_smile:

Word of advice 1)Throw a ball 2) throw like you mean it

yea, i would really try to speed things up, but other than that it looks pretty sound.

so like maybe like a Tim Lincecum type delivery where I build momentum by getting faster? And to future kazmir that is my arm speed

NO, don’t try to emulate Lincecum. It will mess you up. What you need to do is hang around here longer and you will over time learn the right mechanics. Then you have to have the desire and mental strength to alter the ones you have now. You seem young you will have plenty of time to learn. Try giving us some more information. Age: Height: Weight: Baseball Experience: Current Leagues:

All of that. If you want to be a good pitcher you have a lot to learn. It won’t happen overnight but eventually you will be in great shape and find where you are as a pitcher. Are you going to have to be a control pitcher or are you a power pitcher? These are things you’ll have to find out as you go alone. You also need to make sure you find someone to play with as much as possible with you.

alright I am 16 and am 5 ft 10in and 167 lbs. I am stocky but a little overweight, not like obese but like Will Ferrell. I have played baseball since 1st grade. I however stopped pitching in 6th grade. So for 3 years I didn’t pitch. This year I decided to try it again and bought a book on pitching called “louisville slugger book on pitching”. I have average velocity and think i would be a good crafty pitcher since I have a good two-seam fastball. Right now I am playing VFW baseball which is like JV for Legion

Ok well the weight room will really help you to become a faster and more importantly a solid pitcher who can stay injury free. You really need to get a video of you throwing, preferably from a mound with a catcher. And if you can more than 1 pitch. Try to get a few pitches in if you can get this to happen. Any chance you can get a catcher?