my mechanics

I have 2 old videos of my pitching but they are on a dvd how coudl I get them off of there and on to here? also could having a high arm slot be causing me shoulder and elbow pain? if I dropped to 3/4 would it go away?

anyway yea those videos are from last year all stars and my mechanics have greatly changed, I was actually still experimenting and used two sets of different mechanics.

Use DVD ripping software then upload via youtube or the like


I’ll say the same thing in this thread as I said to you in your other thread concerned with the yellow hammer curveball…

If you are experiencing pain in your elbow or shoulder or both, you should not be pitching–you should be rehabbing.

You should be rehabbing with someone who is qualified to help you and who will work with you in person.

If you seek specific medical advice over the internet you will very likely get plenty of…something. In fact, you will probably hear every possible answer to your questions, and plenty of impossible ones too.

But, you will most likely just be doing yourself a grave disservice. You must be very young and/or inexperienced if you don’t understand that.

Regarding the dvd question - You’re gonna need some type of software that can convert the dvd media into a type of file you can upload to youtube or another sharing website. I got mine for a rather expensive price, however i’m sure you could get a basic version of some type of software for cheap. You’re going to have to look around though. Basically you need software that people use to edit movies.