My mechanics

I don’t know how hard I’m throwing anyway. I’m 16 BTW, any problems?

Get a video that shows your ENTIRE body.

O-kay then

Watch some Pitching clips and see if you can get those angles, that recent video helps but not much.

hmm, only thing i can see properly now is that after u threw u are scared or something :lol: u turn away. no one is gonna hit that ball u threw there, no hitter ^^. but in game, dont turn away either like that, if u get hit with a line drive ur prettymuch done for :stuck_out_tongue:

i can’t see much from the clip dude. i did notice your back is “humped over” (that’s a highly sophisticated technical phrase). it’s hard to place and hold muscle tension on your spine when you lean over that far. also, it looks like you releae the ball before the tension and energy in your body is released, but it’s hard to tell.

post a video directly from the side showing your entire body and mound from your chest side. maybe we can see something.

Okay then… I’ll probably post the whole body view next time on this thread

Can anyone tell me about my

  1. upper body action
  2. velocity

You look extremely tense. I would rather see you look relaxed and loose so that your throws look effortless as that would lend iself to more durability I feel. This is more of a “gut feeling” assessment than anything else.

Regarding the video clip itself, it’s very important for us to see the feet. We need to see head to toes.

i think you need to slow it down, u’ll get lose control

First-Stop watching K-Rod pitch

Two-lighten up and gain some control on the mound-you need to channel that energy throw the ball and not throughout every body appendage

There is a reason you don’t see a lot of pitchers that throw like this