My Mechanics...

Alright so heres my story…

Ive played baseball my whole life, I spent most of my high school career as a pitcher. In high school i had horrible mechanics. Far worst than what they are now, but i was still able to throw 80-81 with all arm. So this year i got an oppurtunity to play for a small jc. I have been working on trying to fix my mechanics before anything else. I have been making decent progess on my own, but i just picked up a camera so i thought i would post a video to get all your guys input.

My Major Problems
-Opening up too soon (its alot better than it used to be, but i still think i need to stay closed longer.
-Landing on my heel

Please feel free to post any comments, im open to all criticism. Please post anything that looks wrong, and more importantly how to work on fixing it.

Oh yea…
Im 19, 6’3, 190
and my stride is 5’9, so i know thats another thing i have to work on…

You probably land on your heel because your stride is much too short. If you simply work on lengthening your stride, that should help your landing

that also will pry help with command and increasing your velocitty

Its prolly just short because of the size of the mound your throwing on. Id suggest getting on you game mound and try taping that.

Yeah I’d look into increasing that stride length for sure. From what I saw when I paused it your hips were very much open before your shoulders were which is a very good sign, that’s a pretty hard thing to do unless you practice it which I’m sure you have been.

I think you need to use your lower half better. Start yourhips forward sooner and get them going faster. Lead with your front hip a bit longer into your stride. Don’t sacrifice your knee lift - force your leg to be quicker getting from knee lift to foot plant.

In increased tempo will build more momentum and get you into foot plant quicker. Despite getting into foot plant quicker, you’ll most likely lengthen your stride. And getting into foot plant quicker will likely adjust your timing such that you don’t open up early.

First of all id like to thank everyone for their input.

I threw a bullpen the other day really trying to work on lengthening my stride and getting my lower half moving faster. I easily noticed more veloctiy on my fastball and less strain on my arm. This was very encouraging for me and i hope to have another video posted soon. Thanks again