My Mechanics

this is the most recent clip of me pitching

since then i’ve experimented with staying closed longer and moving towards home earlier.

It worked GREAT the first game, I was throwing harder with more movement and a lot less effort, but the next game it felt like I was using my arm way too much.

Any advice or suggestions would be great, thanks.

Also, during the regular season my pitching coach kept telling me that I had some really bad mechanical problems but when I threw pens we didn’t work on fixing anything. could anybody tell me what I could be fixing?

To me, your mechanics are very Tom House-like. For some, that’s a good thing. I’d guess that the “rotational” guys would say you’re too linear. Maybe your coach is a rotational guy. I would say that if that is what fits you, then that’s what you should do.

BTW, I have a Tom house background and I think you have pretty good mechanics: good posture and balance, high knee lift, long stride, hip and shoulder separation, delayed shoulder rotation, head and shoulders stacked upright at release, glove stabilized in front, etc. You do appear to stride to the 3B side - possibly because of the amount of counter-rotation you have - and that could add extra stress to the arm.

Maybe there’s a rotational guy on here that would like to comment from that angle.