My Mechanics

First sorry about the quality and video angle. When I uploaded it, the quality dropped drastically and for some reason it is now sideways… Second, I feel like my front foot pops up back up towards the end and I want to fix that.

Other than that, what do you guys think? It felt really slow, I know I can throw harder and I am going to tape myself again (if you want a different angle or distance let me know) on Sunday. It was really weird not throwing to another person and I just couldn’t shake the feeling and I think it negatively impacted me (I mean it couldn’t have been too big an impact).

Yep, really hard to see. Can you try again, closer up, from the left and right side. Could you orient the video so we don’t have to turn the monitor.

Here’s a closer view. I’ll try to get another one tomorrow from a much better mound. But for now,

I would imagine by your video you are either a catcher or a infielder naturally, would I be right?

I started out playing 3rd base but I’ve been pitching for a long time. I stopped baseball for 2 years and this is probably my 2nd time pitching from a mound since I started back up a few weeks ago. I just feel like I’m losing velocity since I’ve just been throwing from flat ground and not a mound and it looks and feels harder/faster from flat ground. So I thought I’d ask for opinions. Watching my own videos I know there are flaws, I’m just not sure what to do.

A couple of things I see:

  1. Decent balance on the post

  2. at about 8-9 second mark of the video, as you start to move forward, you start to ball up a bit by your upper body moing toward the 3rd base side. I would like to see you stay taller and use your height and the mound height more.

  3. You could use more hip drive to the plate, use of some hersheiser drill would be good.

  4. Your arm action is why I thought you were a infielder or a catcher, your arm action breaks from the glove and comes around to the point that the ball is pretty much in your ear. Pitchers are usually about 90 degrees to at that point with the ball up and rotated around to 2nd base.

  5. Your follow through should have your arm action going from about 11 o’clock to the 7 o’clock position ending with your right wrist just above your left knee. This will get your release point more out in front so that you can get your body more involved.

  6. Finally you areen’t really using your back and body to throw the ball. your back should end up flat to the ground at the end of the throwing action.

  7. This should allow your legs to get more involved both in throwing action and in the deceleration action.