My Mechanics

the first video is what I threw like 2 summers ago and the second is what I looked like this past spring. Just wanting to know if the changes where for the better.

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sorry I couldn’t figure out how to get the videos to show up on the post.

Absolutely. The first thing I noticed was your stride length. How about some details…first video was when (e.g., sophomore, etc.) and second was when? Also, what work did you do in between?


The first video was taken during the summer of my sophomore year and the second video was taken during my redshirt-junior season.

The work i’ve done since then was to get my lower half more involved and creating more core torque. It’s been a rough road trying to start all over from scratch, but it needed to be done.

Thank you. Again, looks much better as a red-shirt Junior. There are many experts on this site, as you know. I hope they have an opportunity to weigh-in to help you. In my humble opinion (and I can’t really tell by the length of the video), it appears you are not following through (appear to be straight up as opposed to being over your front leg and extending your arm). I think the lower body looks much, much better than your sophomore video. From what I see, your hip/shoulder seperation looks good and your plant looks good.

enormous improvement, stride is much better, and the foot sweeps into foot plant which helps hip shoulder separation. looks much better

Thanks for your comments. I’ve always had problems with really getting over my front leg on my fastball, but with my curveball and change-up the follow through is much better. To tell you the truth, my coaches really didn’t like the fact that I had made these changes, but they let me stay as long as I performed and kept us in the game.