My Mechanics (with video)

I recently started pitching and wanted to know how my mechanics are.

Also, right now I’m pitching with rubber balls because my accuracy is still pretty bad and I don’t want to peg anyone. How much of a difference in terms of speed is there between rubber and hardballs?


one big problem is that your foot is on top of the rubber. try putting it against the side.

ok where to start. Ur arms, as u throw ur glove shoulder flies wide open, u need to “chicken wing” your glove shoulder pointing ur elbow not your glove to wards the catcher, it will increase control and velocity. U have a high leg lift and good stride. But, because your shoulder opens up ur hips open up too, this causes ur left leg to fly out toward 1st base, this can cause lower back injury.

As ncbb said move ur foot to the front of the rubber but also move it to the 3rd base side. when u get ur hips right u will have slightly better control of inside pitches.

Although I’m not going to disagree with the others here (especially about the foot on the rubber thing) but I do want to note that you’re doing a lot of good things and you’re really into “fine tuning”, I believe.

Having said that, I suggest that you do not turn your front foot to point at the target so early. Keep it sideways as long as you can in your stride, then turn it over only to land, when your core is firing up the rotation.

Your glove hand could be better utilized. I like that it’s turned over, palm down early on (internal rotation) but it should turn back over and come in to the chest area and remain there.

Try these 2 things and see how it goes. Looking good though in most areas.

I agree with dm59’s “fine tuning.” You need a little tweaking. review your video and you’ll notice that your left foot points towards first when it plants. DM’s advice of not turning it towards the target may correct that.

I also think your rear leg could stand a little taller (preferably in front of the rubber rather than on it) during delivery.

I like DM’s comments.

In regards to not opening up the front foot so soon, I would suggest - as an experiment - lifting the front knee toward the back shoulder and leading with the front hip a bit longer before the front leg/foot get out front. This will hopefully let you get out over the front leg more at release.

Ditto on DM’s comment about the glove arm.

And you definitely need to plant the pivot foot IN FRONT OF the rubber - not on top. The top is too slippery and planting in front moves your release point closer to home plate thus giving the batter less time to see and react to the ball.

Thanks for all the advice guys. I’ll take these tips to the mound and hopefully get better.

another thing i noticed is that it looks like you are landing on your heel. try landing on the balls of ur foot.

you should put your foot in front of the rubber so you can push off