My mechanics-Video!

Hey guys. I was bored tonight and I figured I videotape my mechanics in my kitchen for all of you to criticize. What do you think some of my flaws or strong points are? Wish I filmed off of a mound but…you know how it is sometimes. I can hit tops 84mph if you were wondering. Hope to hit low 90’s after my 12th grade year. But I am in 11th right now. Tell me what you think, and incase you were wondering I thow a 2SFB,4SFB,Knuckle-Curve and a Knuckleball. My best pitches are my Knuckler and my 2-seamer and my other ones are just average. Give me your opinions.

 Thanks, WhiteSox101  :wink:

I will post the new video (here) soon.

Don’t mind my back leg not coming around, I did’t have alot of room. I would have hit the chair. LOL. This video is temporary, I will post one of me outside, full body and with a ball. It was snowy and dark lol. Anyways only “grade” or criticise what you see, besides my back leg.

I think I’d prefer to wait to give you a critique until you can videotape yourself outside where you have room to go through your normal delivery.

Yeah thanks I ought to just pull this one. Tomorrow is supposed to be 60 degrees. I tape it tomorrow and see what you think. I’ll leave this one on here untill I post the other one.

u can not analize mechanics on flat ground. so go on a mound and send them to me i will give u a full analise of all your mechanics for free.

I have worked with dick mills barry zito’s ex pitching coach
my email is