My Mechanics video

These are my pitching mechanics. I am not throwing my fastest becuase I didnt feel like it and my arm hurt.[/quote][/wmp]

You are short arming quite a bit, and also using too much of your arm. Try a longer stride and using your core more. You need to use more of your legs and body to throw, rather than just your arm.

Sorry but if you could, please can you find a video of of what I need to do. Like give me a link to something that shows it. I dont comprehend over words as much.

Steps 3-5 are your main area of concern at the moment. Mostly Step 4 with the power position. Hope this helps [/youtube]

Thanks I will work on that after school.

Bend over at the waist…“chest over knee” when you throw.

Also, you have no trailing leg follow through…get your “cleats to the sky”…that back leg should come around on it’s own after you explode with the pitch.

Hope it helps.

one big thing i noticed was that youre not striding very much. try striding out while using your body to generate power and then just let your arm follow through. A pitcher’s power comes from the legs and the core.

Alright thanks guys, I feel like my arm isn’t hurting as much from stress when I throw and I feel like I am more fluid and throwing faster. I will post a video later today or tommorow so you can see my mechanics now.

alright sweet! if you could it would be great if you could check out my videos too and give me feedback. anyways i will check out your next video when you put it up

I’ll check out your videos…if you could tell me how to get to them.

Ok, you do have a lot to work on but as you have read before…if you want to pitch you need to get rid of that short arm action, you already have some good advice on how to do it. Continue to post new video as you have improvement.

you’re literally throwing it like shot put. Get a pitching coach or watch someone who knows how to throw.

you’re literally throwing it like shot put. Get a pitching coach or watch someone who knows how to throw.

That is why he was asking for help.

Btw EricB814, You should post another vid of your improved mechanics, and we can critique it a bit more.

I know, I’ll post a video most likely tommorow, It has rained yesterday and today and I have been so busy with homework for finals, and I have baseball games and practice.

Yep yep, no worries. Just whenever you can.