My mechanics video, live from holland;)

I am a pitcher from The Netherlands and i just came across this site. It’s real hard to find good advice here except from my coach since baseball isn’t really played a lot here. I posted a video from last sunday, let me know what you think about my mechanics, and that last pitch(movement).

Thanks in advance!

your mechanics look ok but i cant say anything about them since i am not an expert on anything like this
anyway, how old are you what level do u play at and how fast do u throw and what are your pitches?

I throw a fastball, curve and changeup. I dont know how much mph my fastball is because we hardly get to throw with a radar gun, last time was feb last year at 73/74mph just a few months just before injuring my arm due to pitching in two games almost every weekend.
I just play one game in the weekend now. Im 19 years old 6ft, and I play 4th division here in Holland.

Last year I played a bit of 4th division and junioren(16-21yo) 3th division and a bit of junioren 1st division at the end of the season. So this is my first full season out of the youth programs.

You’re stepping with your stride leg and it’s hurting your hip/shoulder seperation. Try getting your knee up and slightly cross over your pivot leg in your gathered position. From here, start your glove side hip toward the catcher, and at the same time, bring your foot down within a few inches of the mound and swing it out and around toward the plate. Try to keep your shoulders closed even thru the planting of your stide foot. This will complete your linear movement and is the beginning of your rotational movement. This can be practiced without throwing, and may help take some stress off of that tired arm in the long run. It may also help with your falling off to the side.


Im dutch 2 xD
Where play??

I can see few things on your mechanics, get ur hips moving sooner, seems u kinda stop at the balance point, and your glove arm drops?
keep it up longer?

I play @ Tilburg 1e junioren (2th div.)

really looking forward to new season, on our new field ^^ prolly gonna play 1div @ senioren then