My mechanics (VIDEO) Back Leg?

I had posted earlier about my back leg and had some pics. Heres some video.

Anything anyone has to say is appreciated, but please explain why.




follow through with full body

Ok the video confirmed a lot of what I, and a few other people said about the pictures. You are throwing across your body by almost a foot. That is cutting off your hips. As, xv84 said in the other thread, your front leg is much too stiff. Also you are getting no drag at all from the back foot. Maybe someone who is more schooled in NPA jargon could explain the back foot drag. Also, your follow through is way too abrupt. That is just asking for elbow and shoulder problems. You need to try and get some semblance of foward lean. Try and get your chest out over your front knee, so that you can complete your follow through and allow the larger muscles in your upper back and lat slow your arm down rather than forcing your arm to stop.
My suggestion as far as something to work on though is your stride. First work on landing with your front foot perpendicular to your back foot. Then, work to lengthen that stride. I think those corrections would fix a lot of the other problems which i think are caused by your stride.

thank you very much

your back leg is a result of your front leg not transferring the momentum/power from your hips up to and through to your arm. The second poster almost had it but didnt know where the energy went.

The result is that crazy kick you have going on. loss of power

See billy wagners side views for what its suppose to look like. Its more of a scissors action. and the final “bow” as some of those say “the final snap” “final bow”