My mechanics; something ain't right

I feel like something looks very wrong, but not sure what. Though there are three specific things that I do notice:

  1. My elbow is way too low at release point. I try hard to fix this, but anything higher feels unnatural, so it always ends up back down after a few pitches.

  2. My glove hand looks kinda clumsy, like there’s something it should be doing that it isn’t.

  3. I’m losing my height advantage+hip rotation when I drop my back knee so low, as mentioned in my last post.

Those are the three that stand out to me, although I’m sure there’s plenty more that I’m not seeing.

I’d also like to add that I struggle horribly when I first start playing catch to warm up, especially on a knee. I can’t hit anyone in the chest from close distance. When I try to throw hard, the ball won’t come out of my hand and I end up spiking it right in front of me or throwing it way off to the left. When I try to throw easy with a loose grip, I toss it straight over the guy’s head. I’m almost better off throwing left handed. It’s getting to be very annoying, and it pisses my coaches off. No one wants to play catch with me obviously :twisted:. I’m totally fine as soon as we stand up and start backing up.

Just wanted to mention that because it’s a significant (and embarrassing) issue that I’m guessing is a sign of a bigger problem.

Any feedback would be great, thanks.

your mechanics actually look pretty solid to me. I agree with your 3rd point, but I think that your elbow is fine at release point (mine is slightly lower than that). You could work on your glove a little, but I don’t think that’s a big issue.

I have a question for you. Do you throw harder off flat ground than when on a mound? Can’t really tell from this angle I’m just wondering if you are “diving” into the pitch. Getting your head in front of the belly button into foot plant. You can have good momentum but if your head is in front of your belly button you will likely lose power and control. Saw the White Sox Pitching coach at a seminar a few years ago and he tells his pitchers to keep their head behind their “cup”. He used a different word for cup. NPA also talks about keeping the head over the belly button or slightly behind into foot strike. If you don’t do the Hershiser drill, try that and see how it feels in that power postion and how that compares to your pitching motion. I asked about flat ground vs. mound because it seems easier to keep the head behind the belly button on flat ground. As for the “knee throwing” issue. If you are leading with your head in this drill it can mess with you as well. Not much you can do about this as a player but personally if i saw a kid struggling with this drill I wouldn’t have him do the drill. The goal isn’t to be good at doing drills it’s to be able to throw strikes off a mound. Hope this makes some sense to you.


I’m pretty sure I don’t throw any harder on flat ground. If anything I think I lose velo because I have a harder time getting out over my front leg on flat ground.

It’s interesting that you say that because I’ve always thought that my head stays too far behind my belly button, but maybe not so much off a mound. This might not be the best angle to judge that but I’ll keep it in mind.

I’ve been doing the Hershiser drill and I think it’s helped my velo a lot in the last 2 weeks. Although I’m still uncomfortable doing it in the game because it’s harder for me to time so I end up throwing a few wild ones.

It just looks like to me that your arm is dragging a little. So maybe early in your motion your head is behind your belly button but prior to foot plant it gets in front a little early and your arm drags. Don’t make too much of this, just a thought. Here’s a simple experiment that may help. get into the “power postion” that people talk about. Legs spread out plant foot where it is normaly for you. Front shoulder where it is for you when your foot first lands. lead elbow up, etc. Now get your head a little in front of your belly button, no rocking back just try and throw the ball. (you can probably get the feeling without using a ball if you are indoors) Now get in that same postion again and move your head behind your belly button and throw. I’ve done this with young pitchers before and it really helped them get the feeling of “diving” into a pitch vs. leading with their hips. Try it. if you don’t notice a difference then forget about it. I’ve been wrong before.

I said in your other thread that you should probably just get some extension going toward your release.

Most times you can get your elbow to softly pop straight (watch Lincecum). Then besides already getting maximum leverage out from your shoulders, your wrist will get some of that pop too, and if you grip properly, you’ll have more snap off the seams.

And just looking at the middle of that video one more time, it’s pretty obvious you would have a nice 10 o’clock delivery all the way through the shoulders.