My Mechanics side and back view

side view

back view

can anyone please anylyse my mechanics and offer suggestions or anything?

First of all looks great, how fast u throw anyway? The only thing i really see is, that it kinda looks like u a little off balance when u land u tend to go off to the right which is alright but u would gain better control not going off to the side practice keeping ur left knee in a little not too much it keeps u balanced.

Hope this helps !!!

there is a bitof a debate about ho hard I throw, I have been clocked on all sorts of cheap, tacky guns and range anything from 55-80 mph lol
I would hazard a guess that I throw 75 on average
I do fall off to the side to be honest which is why I usually live on the outside corner
I’ll try to kee my knee in

great how old im a sophomore in hs! i was taught by my cousin who pitches division 1 baseball and i throw on ave. low 70s and i have hit 78! but other than u look a little off balance u have great mechanics but there is always room for improvement!!!

I just turned 16 like a week go
if not too big for my age tough
just 133-138lbs

alright cool im still 15 5’7 135 pounds same boat

your trying to stride then come forward…sounds wierd huh? when you kick your leg you bring it forward then start your movement thats why your off balance. need to stride as you fall

oh I see what you mean, sounds good I’ll giv it a try

Your mechanics look kind of like Ricky Nolasco.

get something from a mound, throwing a baseball…

yeah I learned that the hard way, you need to be throwing a baseball it doesn’t transfer.

go outside…

Yeah, you’re going to have to go outside. There’s no way anybody can tell from that…