My mechanics, please comment!

Alright, well first I have to say, I apologize for the no shirt, I was trying to determine how well I was getting hip/shoulder separation, and the other good way was baseball pants with a belt, which was more complicated lol.

Also, the pervious owners painted the room so no jokes, and the angle isn’t the greatest because I couldn’t get any more space.

Two side angle throws, and two more head on angle from a separate sessions.

Probably the truest is about 10 seconds in, pitching off a mound, I just can’t get a preferaable angle due to trees.

I posted a video several months ago, and the concensus seemed to be I needed more hip/shoulder separation and my arm path was to long.

Honestly I don’t know how well I fixed either, I know my arm path was working great, but I had been away from pitching for a couple months due to basketball, and I think I picked up my old habit.

Separation looks decent, but I’m not sure.

With a few more weeks till highschool gets rolling and basketball winding down, I feel like a can still make a couple more adjustments to my motion.

I’m extremely pleased with my control and my offspeed is working great. I’m just looking to squeek out an extra mph or two if possible.

Thanks guys, link is here:

If you’d like to download the file for frame by frame go here:

Just hit the free button, and it will count (the count down will actually take longer than the total download time)
If that doesn’t work, I’d be more than happy to email it to anyone.

The first thing I noticed was a lack of momentum and a lean toward 2B at the start of your stride. I also noticed you open up early and you have a very straight throwing arm that appears to result in limited external rotation.

I suggest inceasing your tempo by starting the hips forward sooner and faster. This should take care of the opening up early issue. Try not to lean towards 2B. Lead with the front hip but otherwise keep the head and shoulders relatively upright.

I’ll let others comment on the arm action as there are others on this site who are stronger in that area than me.

i don’t think you open up really at all it seams as if you are closed till you hit ground then you open up and throw.
You should aggressively lead with your hip and get more elastic energy out of your body over all good job.
How old are you and how fast do you throw?

cf I’ll leave off the mechs and the decor (I mean I’m sure The Rocket works out where such nice floral patterns adorn his walls)…but man…eat some steak would ya? I’m serious, get some meat on dem chicken wings. Lots of people leave off the diet/nutrition aspect but don’t forget it, as you pitch the innings you’ll need it for sure. Work hard on your mechanics but remember, it’s got to be the whole picture (Strength, conditioning, mechanics, saavy/attitude, desire).

I think i’ve been attempting to tackle that pretty well…

Eating over 3500 calories consistently. Yes, 3500, I’ve been counting calories for a long time now. I am just stuck at a weight.
When I try to add more calories, I usually just feel crappy the rest of the day. I’ve done all kinds of stuff, even straight shots of canola oil as it adds a good amount of calories per serving, but the parents didn’t like that very much, lol, and the taste is awful. I’ve taken so much crap in my first period class for bringing in my oats and/or rice to eat during class. (Yes I do eat breakfast as well).

Eating “clean” actually caused me to loose weight, as it is hard to eat the same amount of calories of on a very clean diet.
Although, I don’t drink any soda, just water, milk, and the ocassional juice for me.

It also hurts any weight gain potential to be playing basketball. Kind of frustrating too, limited playing time, and I feel like it has been detrimental to my baseball goals, although I’ve definatley grown as a person via new challenges.

I’ve been wanting to gain weight since i was 13 or 14 and I’ve had very little luck. About 152lbs soaking wet at over 6’ tall.
My dad graduated highschool at 5’10" 130lbs.

As far as lifting I’ve done insane amounts of research, and have been doing, real, very challenging lifting for around 6 months, I’ve added strenght, but I haven’t gained much weight. Lifting has become an addiction really, I enjoy it alot, especially constantly competing to beat yourself. My strength numbers are solid for my weight.

To be honest, if any part of my training has been neglected, it would probably be mechanics, as I’m comfortable with them, however I’d really like to add a little bit more pop to my fastball.

I feel like adding 25lbs to my frame would add a couple mph alone to my fastball.

Really I’ve been looking for every possible thing that can help me, and mechanics is just one part of the complete package.

Getting home after dark, ya have to make due with something lol

Thanks for the comments.
Understood that I need to work on the timing of my hip action.
I have to say I definately do not look explosive in the film.

I’m a true sophmore (16 years old), sitting at 80, 81. I feel like I could have something extra with a couple tweaks though.

So right now I’m looking to work on the following things:

Body tilt
More aggressive and quicker tempo
Start hips forward sooner
Arm action to avoid straightening it out.

As far as when I’m opening hips, I’ve gotten a response saying I’m opening early, and one saying I’m opening late. Any concensus on this?

More comments appreciated! Thanks to everyone that has posted thus far!

Some comments…

  1. I don’t like how far behind your back your PAS hand goes. You almost take it back toward 1B. I would prefer that you took your PAS hand back toward 2B.

  2. The above causes your head to move around a lot, which can be bad.

  3. You do seem to get decent separation between your hips and your shoulders.

RIStar, when you said he doesn’t “open up really at all” you mean you don’t think he opens up too early, right? Surely he does open up eventually.

I think you open up too early which causes your hip turn before the moment of “explosion”. Remember try to align the right hand with the back leg maybe it will help u it works for me good luck!

Worked on tempo and removing leaning towards second base during leg kick.

My delivery felt excellent, smooth, and powerful

Notice a bit more consistency and my catcher said there was a touch more “pop” on my fastball than usual.

Thanks guys,

Now I just need to get my arm action correct without having to think about it constantly

On the weight gain problem. I would recommend the following book by Anthony Ellis “Gaining Mass”

His website…seems a little like a sideshow but I have the book and it really does have good information in it.