My Mechanics, Please Analyze/Critique/Discuss

Hi Im 19 years old, 6-3 190lbs. I graduated high school last year and was recuited to play at some smaller juco level colleges, but decided they didnt meet my accedmic requirements so I went to a University that doesnt have a baseball team. I did have some nibbles from UBC, is a top 2 school for accedemics in BC. (the other is where Im attending). They wanted to come to a tryout before enterng my 3rd year at university so I have a little over a year to improve. One of the other reasons I turned down the juco schools is because for the last few seasons I have had bicep pain that comes and goes on differnet days. I felt I couldnt be consistant enough to sacrfice so much to play. Please let me know what you guys think about the injury and any ways I could improve on my velocity/effiecency.

Thank you very much.

[qt]C:\Users\Curtis\Documents\pitching vids\pitching\1b side 45 deg+.MOV[/qt]

[qt]C:\Users\Curtis\Documents\pitching vids\pitching\3b 90 deg (3)+.MOV[/qt]

[qt]C:\Users\Curtis\Documents\pitching vids\pitching\3b side 45 deg+.MOV[/qt]

[qt]C:\Users\Curtis\Documents\pitching vids\pitching\back side fb.MOV[/qt]

Those links didnt work did they? How do you post quicktime videos? Im not the best with computers

You gotta upload them somewhere online.
Try uploading it on youtube. If it does not accept .mov files, open windows movie maker and make a .wmv out of it and then upload to youtube.
Then post the youtube links here.

Ok I put them on youtube. Only problem is that you cant slow them down frame by frame, so if anyone wants to see them in MOV. format just ask and ill email them.

Thanks in advance

Did it work? lol

your throwing elbow gets way way too high. looks like your throwing your arm only. you need a more down out and up action instead of picking up the elbow.

in addition to the previous poster, i think that you could grab some dirt also. Try bringing that torso down some and follow through.

I think your mechanics look pretty good. You get to a good opposite and equal position at foot plant. And you come out of shoulder rotation in a good stacked position. In one video I managed to stop it at a position where it looked like you were over-rotated - your shoulders had rotated beyond being squared up to the target yet you hadn’t released the ball yet. Not sure of the fix yet. You don’t want to slow anything down to keep from over-rotating. Rather, you want to speed up everything else. Or alter your starting position or introduce more counter-rotation to get yourself closer to being squared up at release while going full speed. I’ll have to revisit this. Might ask for those .MOV files.

Thanks for the replies. Roger, do you think I should try to counter rotate my shoulders to prevent this? I know I can get more drive from my hips, and have been trying to focus on getting more power from them. Maybe once I get that my shoulder will be square?

There was a few things that caught my attention when I saw this video

  1. My back leg after landing. It doesnt really come over and through with my delivery. It sort of looks like it slows my body down, not to sure if this is a problem or not.

  2. I dont get much hip shoulder seperation, but its not from a lack of trying. I am extremly unflexible and have been streching out the hips, legs and body almost everyday.

  3. My arm action. After looking at Chris O’leary’s site I dont think he would be happy with the action of it. I dont get into high cocked positon at footplant, but I am parallel which is be OK. I Changed it up just for a bullpen and made my arm cirlce longer, and I liked the results. It felt so much more fluid and seamed like I could really “snap” the ball with my fingers. My catcher said I was throwing harder than before and my 2-seam had tons of movement, which has never been the case before. My catcher missed the first couple because he has never seen it do that. I can break old habits pretty easy if I focus on it, so I think changeing my arm action perminatly might be benificial. I think back in grade 10 I may have altered my arm to get to the plate quicker, since my coaches were always on my case about taking to long to get the ball out of my hands. I might have changed accidentily and not noticed untill now, Thats when my arm problems started it, in grade 10. I dont know it might just be a coinicidence though. Im willing to try anything right now. Does Chris still come on this site? The more opinions the better even though Im more of a traditial, Tom House pitching mechanics kinda guy. The art and science of pitching was a great tool to learn. And DM is a huge help, he’s still here right?

Do you have any other suggestions about where the bicep pain is coming from? one time it was so bad after throwing a ball in from the outfield, that I couldnt even lift my hand to my nose.

And Roger, Id love to send you those MOV. files, you definitly know your stuff better than I do. If you PM me your email Ill send them over.

Thanks so much for your help.