My Mechanics (LOOK)

Take a look and tell whats bad thanks

I’m no expert. You do some things good and I wouldn’t say you do anything bad there arejust some things you need to work on.

I think your upper body comes open early and that can kill your speed and also cause injury, I would try to work on that. I would say when you come set in your stretch your not in an athletic position which can effect your release point.

It’s hard to tell though since you are throwing in sandles in your back yard, do you think you migh be able to get a video of you pitching of a mound?

One more thing, I know you want to throw harder and you will but don’t rush growing up and try to force your body to do more than it can handle your velocity will increase just try to get on a good work out program and you’ll be on your way.

Ok ill try to get on a mound. What do you mean my upper body comes open to early? Can you give me a video?

I just mean your upper body starts to rotate before your front foot has even made contact with the ground. When you watch this video pay attention to how his upper body rotates well after his front foot has made contact with the ground. This guy has been gunned at 100 mph before. I know you and him are completely different people but working on staying closed like this will help protect your shoulder and will probably increase your velocity.

So put my foot down then open my front side?

ya, thats pretty much what I was trying to say. Sorry I couldn’t be that direct with what I was saying.

lengthen that stride.

Ok thank you very much both of you

I don’t know if this comes too late but also something my high school coach had me and a starter work on back then was keeping the hips closed by planting your stride foot down either on the flat of the foot or the ball rather than landing with your heel. This will keep all of that energy inside then once you follow through your hips will explode and give you an extra boost. So since you’re a right handed pitcher then you’d want to land either with your toes pointed towards homeplate or slightly inward meaning towards third base side of the plate.

Ok thanks. So is there any drills so that i can not open my upper half so soon?

I would speed up your tempo a little bit and allow your hips to go forward during your leg lift. It also doesn’t look like you have the intent to throw hard. Throw the tar out of the baseball.

I agree with this. You need to just speed up your tempo and move quicker, but do not rush your motion. Your whole body needs to speed up, pitch with the intent to throw harder.

What do you exactly mean speeding up? and I practiced not opening up as soon and my arm felt great. It didn’t even feel like i was using it. But when I went to play some outfield it started hurting? i don’t know what it is?

I would try to work on your stride. It’s hard to tell from that angle but it looks like your stride is a little short.

Ok. There I didn’t try to throw my hardest because I didn’t warm up and it was in my back yard