My mechanics= injury?

hey im a 5’7 135 pound pitcher from canada, for my size surprisingly i am one of the, if not the hardest thrower in my league(high 70’s low 80’s), but im the first to admit im not near the most accurate, my question is lately my left hip has been a little tender, and i sometimes get mild pain and soreness in the hip when i run, im going to try to get a vid of my mechancics up as soon as possible, but i was wondering if anyone else has experienced this, or if anyone knows what im doing wrong or knows how to fix it, thanks alot

You might not be doing anything wrong. Today I woke up with pain in the hip but didn’t think to much off it.

If it’s that bad go see a Doc I know THEY ARE FREE IN CANADA.

It could be anything just get uses a video we will be able to help you no problem.

i cant get a video up tonight but ill take out my camera tomorrow and see what i can do, if it helps anyone i throw 3/4 ( well actually id say my arm is a little more over the top then 3/4) and i only throw 4 seam, 2 seam, curveball, and the odd changeup, the pain isnt unbearable or anythign and i usually dont even notice it when pitching its usually after when running, id describe it as a dull tender pain, almost as if the bone was bruised, but theres no way that can be the problem

Do you throw right or left? I’m guessing right, since it’s your left hip that is hurting.

I also don’t think you are doing anything wrong. If anything, you are probably doing something right, because you know you’ve been using your hip muscles to throw. At least it’s not an arm injury.

If you stride to the throwing arm side then you can put extra stress on the hip (as well as the knee and ankle) as your body tries to over-rotate to square up to home plate at release. Striding directly toward home plate should help (if that is your problem).

you may have strained ur growth plate. idk but that happened to me last year. rest is good for that