My Mechanics... I'd Love some help

As for your palm facing the cieling (too many long posts, I didn’t read them all, so I don’t know if this has been answered), the arm is much stronger when your hand is parallel with the forearm. When you flex your arm in front of the mirror, do you ever hold your wrist back, palm to the ceiling? Of course not. You will find much more muscle behind the ball if you release the ball farther and coming down over the ball. For this (which I have done too), I say lunge through to the target (the best way for me to describe). The first recommendation after your video by RISTAR, was to lead with your hip and not the foot. When you do this, you have more momentum. and like my least favorite player in all of baseball, papelbon, says…let go of the ball later. Not only will your ball travel downward, avoiding a sailing pitch, but it will be closer to the plate already, and you’ll get some umph behind it.

Hope that helps, or adds to help…which ever was first.