My mechanics, from my apartment

I hope to get outside soon, I just feel more comfortable outside. I probably won’t be on a mound until April (I go to Central Park, but they don’t open their fields until sometime in the spring). BTW is there a way I make a ‘slow mo’ video?

why dont u just go to a school yard or empty fields to pitch … i do it all the time i live in brooklyn… anyway you look like u might b pushing the ball to home from video 3 thats what it looks like to me

Well I would have today, but with all the snow there was over the weekend there was no where for me to practice. I’m thinking of going out to some handball courts on Thursday to film, but it might be raining.
Thanks for the comment by the way. I’m working on trying not to push too much.

haha u took the words out my mouth handball courts are good to practice on too… us new yorkers know alot about that… before i would play handball i would warm up by throwing on the handball courts with spongeballs (soft version of a baseball) and the snow does suck!!!

Yeah, I usually use those in the handball courts too. It’s not a bad way to practice fielding too. It helps out a bit with getting ready for a come backer.

get a ball, go to a mound with a friend, have him tape you throwing at full speed, that’s the only way we can help you, that video dosen’t really show anything that can help us evaluate you, sorry

Well I recorded a new video at the handball court, but like I said before I’d like to get on a mound soon. I need to pass by Central Park tomorrow and see if they’re opening the field soon, they usually prepare the fields before they open them, so it might be a month till I get on a mound. There might be another field that I could check too. The others that I know of are a bit too far for me to go to, not that I couldn’t, but I don’t have much time to go to the others since I do a lot of college work.

na central park wont be open because of the recent snow and they have to fix the field because of what happened threw the winter… and some snow might still be there… :shock:

You guys are breakin my heart!!!
Why don’t you do like the other half of your state and move to S. Fla? 8)
I know…less crime…more fun…youse guys wouldn’t know what to do…We’ve only been playing a couple of months :smiley:

even with the recent snow and rain, me and a couple of friends still gonna go practice on astro turf field later on!! :lol:

Here’s a video I forgot to upload, it’s a side view.

well i notice when you pitch your not following through your stopping your arm mid-way if you keep on like this you are going to hurt your arm… let ur arm stop itself by hittin your body on the follow through

Alright, that is something I started doing recently, I haven’t really noticed until watching the video again after you pointed that out. Thanks.

hey man i got to say that was the worst windup i have seen on this site yet you need beyond help plus you need to get a more open stride and release the ball later your releasing is too soon are you really serious on pitching ?