my mechanics (finally)

After a long break from pitching, finally took a video of my pitching. Note that all these pitches are curveballs, I decided to throw about 10 in a row to practice consistency. (ignore my dad’s horrible catching lol) Also, I noticed I was throwing across my body a little bit, so I’ve fixed that. Any advice?

just about 15 years old and ur throwing curveballs like that…thats bad man, u shouldnt be throwing a curve yet and ur throwing 15 in a row…

Set the camera up from the side it will really make it better to see what your mechanics are. I agree on the curve balls, you are right at the age where you can start, but not so many in a row. Work FB, FB then maybe CB. Your glove mechanics looks good but need to see more types of pitches and view from the side for more.

yeah, ill pitch again, all FBs next time. I don’t usually throw that many curves. Was just seeing if I could. In a game I probly throw 1 an inning if I need 2 get outta a jam. What angle should I put the camera so u could see my camera better?

ive never actually seen a curveball like that (12-6) coming from a sidearm pitcher :shock:

lol its tough to throw, that’s why I was practicing it. Hitters cant see it coming. But I’m to keep my arm angle up to prevent from injuring my arm.

Set the camera up on your right side and throw 2-3 and then 2-3 from the back, those are the best angles to see most mechanics at least that is the best for me to see.

Thank your dad every day for catching for you.

was that an insult? lol

Your lucky your dad will even play catch with you. I’m lucky if my dad will just play a 5 min game of catch with me every 2 months.

he realizes that I’m serious about baseball, so he plays catch with me when he can, even though he’s not very good lol. But i usually just pitch at a pitch back.

very cool

Great dad

I can’t tell you how much I enjoy catching my son as well.

I’m sure he’s very proud of you as well

Keep up the good work