My mechanics, any comments?

Two different views. As you see, I’m a stocky guy and haven’t pitched in the real game yet, but I learned my mechanics and threw about 10 pitches today (since it was too dark)

Oh, and judging by the first vid, how fast do you think I’m throwing? I felt that I threw harder on the second vid

i think ur trying to throw too hard

u shud try getting ur hip moving sooner toward the plate… this could correct many of things and gain u a few MPH

and good job with hitting ur spot :slight_smile:

and id say in the upper 60’s

also try and keep ur centre of gravity a tad bit more toward ur front leg during ur stride… this
could be fixed with getting ur hip going sooner

[sry for all the comments… i wus thinking i wus only going to say 1 thing then i ended up saying more]

I noticed a couple things. First, in the rear view, you have a lot of head movement. Too much for my liking.

Second, your starting stance is good with knees slightly bent and a slight bend forward at the waist. I consider this a good athletic stance. But then, as you go into your knee lift, you stand up straight. And when you go into your stride, your back leg collapses and causes a posture shift toward 2B. The result of the posture shift is that your weight shifts toward 2B as well and that prevents you from getting out over your front leg as you should. The end result - as you can see in the side view - is that you fall off to the side and even a bit backward after you release the ball.

My suggestion is to not stand up straight into your knee lift. Try to lead with the front hip into foot plant but don’t let head and shoulders lean back toward 2B (i.e. eliminate the big posture change). Doing these things may also cut down on all of that head movement.

Really? Not that I’m disrespecting your opinion, but I felt that I was throwing harder than 77mph range that I was throwing before I learned the mechanics… well I have to get a speed gun sooner or later

theres no way that thats 77MPH

based on how that looks from that angle… thats what my pitches look like in warmup just getting loose [not to be rude]

dude i think youre trying to pitch too hard, just like some of the guys here said already. And in no way is that higher than 70, I throw like that when I warm up, so Id guess 60-65.

About your mechanics, I think you do a pretty good job, youre explosive, but I think you use your arm for velocity waaay too much, exactly what happens when you try to overthrow. But other than that good job, and really nice job hitting that spot :smiley: