My mechanics, advice?

the weather finally stayed nice for a little so i got some videos of me pitching

the quality isnt that great but its enough

and, on youtube

the clip of me going from the stretch is a little faster on youtube, dunno why.

any feedback would be great

It’s kind of tough to tell much from that angle but it looks like:

(1) You stride to the closed side and that results in a posture change as you bend at the waist toward the glove side to get squared up to the target. This posture change can mess with your control. Further, it tells me you might not be maximizing your velocity. It looks like your drag line heads off to the throwing arm side so I would suggest moving to the left side of the rubber to get your drag line to end on the centerline between the rubber and home plate. That will minimize the “corner you have to turn” to get squared up to the target. See if that eliminates the posture change. If not, you might want to adjust your stride to be aimed more directly at the target.

(2) You don’t really get the hips going toward home plate until after the knee reaches the apex of the knee lift. I think you could get the hips going sooner and faster, you’ll generate more energy to put into the ball using your body and be able to take some of the stress off the arm. Also, committing your weight toward the target may also help you get your stride going toward home plate.

Your tempo is very slow. My suggestion is to, as Roger pointed out, get the centre of gravity going toward the plate sooner and pick up that overall tempo. Your motion is “slow-slow-fast”. Try getting it to “quick-quicker-fast” instead.

in your 2nd clip (windup) your gloveside leg looks like it collapses and takes away from potential power. your first clip (stretch) looked better with this, bracing more and keeping stiffer to help rotate energy to upper body