My Mechanics 75%

Things I see, are I need more momentum earlier. I want to turn it towards seconds a little more. I also want a little later with hand seperation. I want more hip/shoulder seperation.

Last 2 pitches are curves. I want my curve arm action to be the same as my fastball. I’ll want to make some side by sides once I get more views and 100%.

I throw my cutter when I do the sidewaise curve signal with my glove. I will need to change speeds good, with control to help make up for lack of velocity.

EDIT: I will have 100% soon and I will get some slow motion for better analysis.

At 75%, your hips are late to start. At foot plant, you arms should be equal and opposite and the shoulders still closed. You seem to have dropped the glove arm and started to open up. Getting going sooner will help with this.

I see a lack of trunk flexion into a flat back finish over the front leg. You stand very upright and spin off to the 1st base side.

I see all of your guys’ posts and I’m like wow these guys know what they are talking about. Then i see that they are 15-16 and I laugh to myself

Oh and your stride is short hahaha.

Can you or anyone else elaborate on what that means. My terms aren’t 100% yet.

OK, now i need to get my priorities strait. I think that starting the hands seperating a little later will help my shoulders to stay closed and my glove arm to stay back and not fly open too early. But I will also need more momentum. I can work on these two things at the same time next time I throw off the mound. That should correct a lot easily.

I have it all measured out and my stride isn’t thats short. It might not be 100% but 100% stride isn’t always necessary. 90% is fine. But with more momentum it will get a little longer.

When I started here RIStar was just starting too so we talked a lot over the interent and still do. We help each other out, I help him even though he uses the Lincecum style and he drops back to the “Traditional” style as he calls it to help me. That was one of the things he mentioned was to keep my glove arm out longer in front of me. I think that starting hands later will help solve this also.

He said this but I’m not 100% sure what he meant.

Thanks for all the help.

He means you don’t follow through which makes your delivery mostly all arm. You dont finish out in front but rather standing up

[quote]I see all of your guys’ posts and I’m like wow these guys know what they are talking about. Then i see that they are 15-16 and I laugh to myself[/quote] lmao thats exactly what i just thought to myself…no offense to bower…ya and your to slow to plate get more balance and momentum

How was it an offense to me?

Well its always you and yankeesneeddicek arguing with kelvinp but now it all makes sense.

What does, and I happen to recall 3and0 arguing the most haha. What makes sense now?

u dont have to be a good pitcher to have knowledge on the game.
some of the no name players end up being great coaches, and managers

Pitching isn’t my thing. I’ve stated it before. I have passaion about sports and I don’t like being bad at something. I want to pitch a little next year but we will have 9 seniors. I was on varsity this year as a sophmore but for my bat. I had the second best average on my team. I’m a utility player I play outfield and infield. I pitch a little and am the backup catcher for now.

My senior year I will have to pitch as a starter we will lose a lot of guys and I want to be good. Not just decent I want a good senior year pitching. My mechanics are a little rough. They were only 75% anyways. I will fix some stuff I have a good amount of time to get them down. I really have 2 years but I want them down and maybe get some experience pitching this year.

I have also taken a likeing to the entire way a pitcher works with how complicated things are and I like to know my enemy. I want to know what the pitcher thinks when hes trying to get me out. This is helping me with hitting and my pitching.


Hey, Doesn’t look to bad! When you release the ball, your arm comes across your body. I would like to see you extend your throwing hand toward the catcher longer–to get the body horizontal to the ground. When you do this, your release point will change and your throwing hand–NOW will end down by the lower thigh and knee cap. With the push off and extention of your hand toward the catcher–to get horizontal–and the “SNAP” of your throwing hand ending at the thigh or knee, you should have more velosity.

It’s me and yankeesneeddiceK. Atleast me and YNDK can provide our arguements in a somewhat sensible manner. Kelvinp blathers on like a 12 year old

My control has been very good changing my release point sounds scarry. When I see all these things I do wrong I’m surprised I throw as hard as I do. (which isn’t very hard) I bet once I change stuff up I will have better velocity. I just can’t screw with my control its the only things I have as of now.

I would suggest working on the momentum part first and let the arms adapt to any timing change that comes with the increased tempo.

Remember, he said he was only throwing 75% in the video.

I was always taught to emulate exact mechanics no matter what speed. That way when you DO let to fly you have the movements in your muscle memory.

Very true, the thing was my mechanics were the same muscle memory wise I was just not 100% making my stride a little smaller.