My mechanics 11/24


Hey guys, I had some good weather today, so I took the time to video a quick flat ground. Some things that I think I notice are that I am very front hip dominant and I dont do well driving with my back leg. What are some things I can do to correct some of the errors that I have in my delivery?


What’s your velocity at now?


I havent been gunned in a while but I would guess high 70’s and maybe touching 80. I have been working hard to get it up.


Other people can chime in as well, but I would recommend getting on a strength training program and doing some weighted ball work.

Check out my channel(in my signature) for some ideas.

But your mechanics look decent. I don’t see any glaring errors, other than your front leg opening early. In general your mechanics look pretty good.


Ur all upper body, you gain no power from your lower body. Ur stride is too long and makes u un coordinated. Shorten ur stride and work on getting it lower body to add power to ur arm.


Agree, need momentum from your lower body. Looks like you’re landing open. I’d work on staying closed longer. That along with speeding up your tempo should help. Looks like you need to brace your stride leg at landing, knee seems to buckle and momentum takes you to the side. Agree with Plaz also on the stride. Not necessarily that it’s too long just seems to be a focus. Let it be a byproduct. Think you do a lot of things well. How old are you?


I will be 17 in about a month.


Your stride is too long causing a couple of problems I see.
First you are beginning to open your shoulders before you land. Try to stay more closed off til foot plant.
Second, because your stride is so long it appears that you aren’t able to get good weight transfer to the plate causing you to throw all arm. Try and shorten your stride some and feel your weight transfer to your plant foot following foot strike
Third, you are drifting to your glove side during your stride causing you to land open and offline to your glove side, pulling your momentum to that side instead of to the plate. Again, this may be a product of too long of a stride causing you to lose balance and control of your body.

I would first and foremost work on shortening your stride and bring everything in line with the plate.


Hey Eric, If you don’t want to listen to me then don’t. I am 15 and I live in SoCal I have been fortunate enough to have great coaching. I would suggest creating more of a load with your scapulas (shoulder blades). Since you are left handed I would look how Aroldis Chapman creates a load with his shoulder blades. Secondly, push off of your back hip, this will enhance you pitching speed. Your stride seems a little long but deal with that later. A long stride doesn’t effect your pitching. A more controlled stride might help with accuracy.

Focal Points:

  1. Create load with your Scapulas(shoulder blade). Don’t push up but push back. Pushing up you can create elbow pain.
  2. Push off your back hip will put less stress on your arm and you will throw harder more consistently.


Too long of a stride can and does create problems.
A too long stride can cause balance problems, which the OP has.
A too long stride can cause a lack of momentum shift, which the OP has.
A focus on striding long can cause the stride line to drift open or closed. In this case the long stride is causing loss of control causing the OP to stride way too far open to his glove side causing him to open with his shoulders early.

IMO these points need to be addressed before the OP can begin to think about scap or any other loading. I believe he would benefit from the Hershiser drill. This will help with getting the focus off of the strride and focusing on more of leading with his front hip.


I see the symptoms others have mentioned although I don’t necessarily agree your stride is too long. Rather, I think other things - specifically, balance and posture - are coming up short. Everything is relative.

As you lift your stride foot, you shift your weight towards 2B. Then, as you lift your knee, your head moves towards 3B and as you start to drive towards home plate your head moves towards 1B. Eventually, it pulls out towards 3B because you have drifted to that side as Turn pointed out.

I believe a lot of these things originate from your initial set-up. To eliminate the weight shift towards 2B, narrow your feet to about armpit width. To eliminate the unnecessary head movement, put some bend in the knees and waist. The idea is to find a starting posture that engages the core muscles and helps you stabilize your posture as you go through your knee lift and stride.

After that, I would focus on getting your center of mass moving forward sooner.


Thank you all for the responses. I think first I will try bringing my feet closer to shoulder width and taking all of that movement out of the beginning of my delivery and getting my center of mass moving like Roger suggested. If that doesn’t help, then I guess shortening my stride will be my next step. What are some drills other than the Hersheiser drill that can help me with that?
I really appreciate the responses so far. Thanks guys.


Hey guys! It’s been a while since my last post and I have been working on some of the things that have been suggested to me, mainly balance and the Hersheiser drill while taking my focus off of stride length. I feel that I am making progress, but there is one thing that is really bugging me. Whatever I do, I can’t stop my stride foot from flying way open. Any idea what’s causing this and how I can get over it?


knee up, KNEE DOWN then glide. You have KNEE -FOOT DOWN before you glide and break your hands. Your getting the foot down, but by the time it comes down you are already half way to foot plant, leaving little time to glide …
Make sure your foot is down before u break the hands.


knee up, KNEE DOWN then glide. You have KNEE -FOOT DOWN before you glide and break your hands. Your getting the foot down, but by the time it comes down you are already half way to foot plant, leaving little time to glide …
Make sure your foot is down before u break the hands.
Look at Clayton Kershaw, he has an exagerated pause at foot down and then hand break. You dont have to pause like him though


Here’s a good article about stride written by Phil Rosengren. Touches on what you need to have an effective (not necessarily long) stride.