My mechaaanics

Well first of all
im dutch, and play in a small club

soo, most common problem is , no good coaches/trainers.

i started getting REAL pitch training sinces like 2 weeks
tho have pitched for 5 years now , did hav couple of pitch trainings when i wuz like 15. anyways
vid coming soon.

you guys know abt curve mecha?? cuz ill make a vid of that pitch 2 :slight_smile:

k thx :slight_smile: bye


ooh and btw

I seem to hav a major striding problem.

My landing foot takes a bit of center, to first base(Righthand throwing)
Any ways to get ridd of that , and take my velocity more towards homeplate instead of heading towards 1b. I have to adjust arm motion, throw more like _/ this than _|

sorry for weird explanation. have no good pictures available yet, neither a vid.

2nd of all, teammate of mine said i throw abt low-mid70’s im 18 and abt 1 meter 89 and My weight is like just 60 kg.(underweighted for my opinion)
ane one know good way to get sum weight(like 5-7 kg).
more weight should cuz more speed right

thx in advance:)

a little more wait is ok. Im a big guy 191cm and 115kgs. I throw 82 on average max out at 85. With your foot being slightly towards 1st base it sounds like your opening up way to much, try to stay closed as long as you can then explode.

Im still having problems stride is ok now, but my right leg(righthandpitcher) keeps swinging to fast forward, makes me turn like half a circle(DANGEROUS ) i only hav this when throwing fastball@ 100%.
any suggestions on deacceleration on that part of my body?

How high is ur leg lift? I can see how over rotating can be very dangerous for your back, if you increase ur leg lift you might get less over rotation. If you post a video it would be easier to help you

just a bit higher as in the avatar.
but I dont understand how that would slow my leg down? no problems in my back at all btw

Im trying to get video, but my parents took video cam this weekend.

Its not about slowing ur leg down as such, its about changing the direction it goes in. With a higher leg lift it forces ur body to rotate toward 3rd base more, so when u open up you should end up more towards 3rd base.

ok thx booma:)

Ill maybe a vid this evening, ill try to post it right away:)
so u guys can info me more on my mech.

from the vids u posted in ur other post i can see why ur leg flies out. U need to bring ur leg lift higher and more towards ur chest. I got told to “squash and point” as in squash ur leg to ur chest and point your arm towards the catcher, this might work for you.

Also u lean back slightly toward first base. Try some balance drills to try to counter this. Btw are you throwing on a mound or on the flat cos theres not much elevation, which might cos over compensation.

One the good side your hip roll looks right, and ur “chicken wing” arm action is pretty good also. Just try and point ur elbow at the plate on ur glove.

I know my faults mostly, but as i said

I live in HOLLAND<–
so mostly ur gettin trained by players who got trained by a player who got trained by sum cuban guy or something, No direct transfer of knowlodge and stuff
also, my coach and trainer ( who i hav now atm) Say nothing about my mechanics, tho i noticed, There were sum flaws(like alot of ehm:P)

then the Mound thingy, in holland alot of fields are different.
This field is like 20 years old, never changed it. the “mound” there is more like, the mound + few meters around is high than rest of field, few teams have good fields, or shittier mounts than this.

but yeh, sort of a mound im throwing off.

btw, I like the REAL mounts better;)