My log

first day: placed a pitchback in my gravel yard. Took forever to set it up

when I started throwing my accuracy as terrible because I kept slipping on the gravel and I was being overly cautious for fear of missing the target.
These first few throws I lost like 8 or 9 baseballs because i was throwing softly so it went under the pitchback and rolled down the poison ivy filled hill.

But then I started pitching some more and I was using some of the things I learned on this forum. I took big leg kicks and raised my stride to about 75% which is good for me, led with my hips and was very explosive. For some reason I was pitching naturally overhand opposed to my natural 3/4 delivery.

My fastball was looking excellent. Fastest its ever been, maybe 4-5 mph faster than usual and had some good tail. The sinker sunk great but this resulted in me losing more baseballs. Then I threw some knucklecurves and they started above the pitchback and dropped below it.

I cant find my battery charger for my camera so I’m not gonna be able to put videos up for a while, but I’ll keep this log for my progressions. I’ll also write down what pitching exercises or pitching mechanics are working, hopefully I can help out everyone somehow by finding something that works. Hopefully I can get to a radar gun soon to see how im doing.

second log:

Fastball wasn’t looking good today. However I was pitching from an angle equivalent to the right side of the rubber. I threw my cutter from the right side and it had some sharp bite to it and decent velocity. I recommend to anyone who throws a cutter to pitch from the right side of the rubber.

3rd log: I met with a pitching coach to work on throwing more on the top, I had been pitching very low 3/4. So After he taught me a handful of speeds he pulled out the radar gun and I was throwing 70-73. That was about a 7-9 mph fastball increase from the first log.