My lifting routines fro the last two days. what do ya think?

16 years old. 6 foot. top at 80. not to be cocky, but i have really good control.

friday- upper (all workouts 3x10)

free weight rows
pull ups (wide and regular grip)
pushups to failure
bicep curls
tricep pushdowns
front and side shoulder raise (2x14)
pushups to failure
forearm curls
skull crushers
bicep burnouts

squats (3x8)
power cleans (3x6)
single leg squats (bodyweight)
weighted lunges (2x20)
box jumps (10 on 24 inch, 10 on 30 inch)
single leg weighted squats (2x7)

core-med ball work (i think i’m fine here, so i don’t need help with core)