My Journey

My Pitching Log

Basic Info:

Name: Richard-43

Height- 4’11
Weight: 102 lbs
Age: Baseball 11u
Body Fat %: 17
Positions: Pitcher, 1st Base, SS
Current Teams: Show Baseball, Little League
Pitching MPH: 55
Short Term Goals:

Decrease Weight to 98 lbs
Decrease Body Fat % to 13
Become stronger mentally and physically
Increase velocity to 59 MPH
Maintain Good Grades

Long Term Goals:

Play Division 1 Highschool Baseball
Maintain Good Grades
Throw 80 MPH in my freshman year of HS
Throw 84 MPH my sophmore year of HS
Throw 88 MPH my junior year of HS
Throw 90 MPH my senior year of HS
Play Division 1, 2, or 3 baseball in college
Throw a consistent 90-93 MPH fastball in college
Develop a good changeup
Develop a good two seam
Develop a good slider
Play Professional Baseball

I will now start posting on my log 3/4 way through my 11u all star season. To recap, I’ve pitched 26 1/3 Innings and have an era of 1.37 per 9 innings(we play 6). I have only walked 2 batters and have a fastball going from 54-57 MPH. I also have a nice changeup.

First Start of log(6th if all star season): 6.0 IP, 3 ER, 7 H, 8 K, 0 BB, 81 Pitches

We ended up winning this game 13-5. This is my worst game of the all star year letting up 2 HR’s and some line drives.

Day after start: Plated first base in game. I also did throwers 10 workout(like I do everyday) and about 5 min of 130 feet long toss.

P.S.- My arm felt great

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Frankly, to be flat out honest, if you’re only 11, I am concerned your coach is letting you throw 81 pitches a game. This is one of the many reasons youth pitchers get injured (arm overuse). If you are 11, you should NOT be throwing 81 pitches and if you did (or do), I highly recommend resting your arm the day after.

Don’t drop the weight, just drop the fat.