My journey to the show


This weekend I got a little bit of work in outside. I played long toss and got cardio in to stay in shape. Looking forward to getting in some good work this week.


Today was a conditioning day for me. I got outside today and ran a mile and then came inside and did speed ladders in my basement. Tomorrow will be a weightlifting day for me.


Today was one of the more productive days for me. I went to hitting practice which was great. I got to look at my swing on tape from last week and I have an adjustment to make in my swing that is going to give me more power. On the video my left foot is pointed toward the catcher which basically cuts off my ability to use my back leg to drive he baseball. I’ll be working on making the adjustment the next few weeks. I forgot to post my workout for yesterday. I did Squats (12,10,8,6,4)and Leg Press (3x10) in the weight room. I’ve also started doing different body weight exercises to help improve my max in the weight room. Looking forward to getting back at it tomorrow


I haven’t posted on this log in a while. I’m going to try my best to update this everyday now. It’s now baseball season, but it’s been cold. I mentioned earlier in the thread that I went to a hitting clinic this winter. My statistics so far this year in 7 games: 4-11 AVG .364 OBP.462 4rbi 2k 2bb. I have not gotten to pitch this year, but I would like to get back to pitching. If anyone has any good website links for increasing velocity and improving location please let me know.


I’m also looking at some college baseball camps to go to this summer to see where I am against other people my age.


Today was a leg day for me. I did squats on my power rack at home. I did 4 sets of 10, 8, 6, and 4 with heavier weight. Other than my power rack all I have are a few dumbbells, so I can’t really get a full lift in. My schedule lifting and practice for the week are as follows: Wednesday- Active Rest day, cardio, throwing, and possibly resistance band work. Thursday- Leg day, probably deadlift and practice at school. Friday- Shoulders and upper body in the weight room and practice again. I forgot to mention yesterday that this week is spring break, so there are no games. I’m using this week to making corrections so far for this season. This weekend I hope to get outside and get some work in, but it is supposed to be cold. I may do the work outside tomorrow and move the weight lifting days this weekend. Looking forward to getting some more work in this week.


The game schedule for next week is as follows: A game on Tuesday against a team that is almost even with us everywhere on the field. Thursday is a doubleheader against a great team that has many players going to college to play, so it will be a good test to see how good our team really is.


Today was my active rest day. I threw around 50 to 75 pitch bullpen, so I will not pitch again until Saturday. A lot of my pitches all missed in the same place. One of my main goals right now is to work on location. If I can get that down, I think I can be really dominant on the mound. My cardio was a few poles. Tomorrow is back to the weight room for an upper body work out. I decided to switch around arms to tomorrow and legs to Friday since my legs are a little bit sore. I also have practice tomorrow. My arm felt good today. Looking forward to getting better tomorrow.


Forgot to post yesterday. We had practice yesterday for the first time in a few days and I felt good swinging the bat. I did not do any pitching yesterday after Wednesday’s bullpen and my arm felt great. I was als back in the weight room yesterday. I did hang clean 3x10 for 55%,60%, and 65% of my max hang clean. I also did bicep curls and skull crushers. Finally, I did barbell curls I did 10,9,8,7…reps all the way down to 1. Today I will be doing leg day. I’m going to do deadlift and some core work most likely. I will update this later to tell what I did.


Today I was not able to do much because it snowed unfortunately. Yesterday I had practice which went okay. We just hit for most of the time and the rest of the time we did fielding work. No pitching. I’m hitting a lot of balls to the left-center field gap even though I’m a left handed hitter, not exactly sure why. I’m hoping to find a pitching coach to help me out also. I’ve also began to look into college camps to go to this summer. I’m looking forward to getting back to working hard tomorrow. I’m going to get some work in no matter what the weather is.


Today I finally got some work in. I pitched off a real mound at a local field and got some work in there. I pitched about 50 pitches. At first I didn’t throw to many strikes, but then I found my control and located the pitches. Today was a good look to see where I am. Tomorrow it will be back to the weight room and practice on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Games this week will be on Tuesday and Thursday. Looking forward to getting better tomorrow.


Today was back to school for me so I got to get back into the weight room. I did some legs today. I did leg press at 240 lbs for 3 sets of 10. But then one of the guys helped me fix my squat form. I was not getting as low as I could, but this will help me to see more results. Today at practice we started with fielding, but we share a field with our middle school team, so we had to get off. Then we went to the batting cage and hit for most of practice. I need to work on following through on my swing. We also did a little bit of infield work even though I’m not an infielder. It could possibly help me with fielding on the mound. After practice was over I stayed after for a while and hit off the tee working on following through. I can really hit the ball hard when I follow through. That was all I did for today. Tomorrow I plan on doing an arm/shoulder day, but we have a game, so I may not do too much in the weight room tomorrow. Hopefully I can continue to do well tomorrow. Looking forward to getting better.


Sorry about forgetting to post. We played a total of 3 games this week. On Tuesday I played in RF but was DH for so I did not hit. On Thursday we had a doubleheader. I played in both games going 1-3 with a single, a walk and a stolen base. My new thing to work on is staying back on breaking balls. I’m also going to start getting pitching lesssons from a pitching coach.


Sorry for forgetting to post. I guess it has been about a month. A quick update: Our season just ended with a 24-0 loss😬 to the number one team in he state. For the year I batted .318 7-22. My OBP was .400 and I stole 3 bases. Did not get to pitch. This summer I have a couple different things I’m signed up for to help me to get better. 1- I got pitching lessons scheduled with a local instructor. 2- I’m doing one of his pitching camps. It’s 3 times a week for 6 weeks. 3- I’m doing a week long baseball camp. I also plan on playing fall ball in the fall and hopefully I will get to pitch on that team since I did not get any work for high school. For the current time being I’m working on strength and conditioning especially my legs.