My journey to the show

So my journey begins here in the summer of 2017 to achieve my dreams to make it to the major leagues as a pitcher. I’ll start out by giving a little information about my self. I go to a small private school where I play football and baseball. I’m going into my sophomore year. Last year as a freshman I didn’t play much in either sport just making to starts on varsity baseball since we do not have a jv team. We went 5-11 for the year and somehow came in second place in our conference, but ended up losing
In the first round of the playoffs. Next year we are getting a new baseball coach. He’s also going to be one of are assistant coaches on football. I’m on vacation this week so that’s why I made my log today instead of last week. On Monday we start weightlifting for football and many of the things we do are the same as what I use for baseball. After this year I will probably not play football so I can focus full time on baseball. Looking forward to starting baseball again after only two workouts in the gym here on vacation.

I’ll pitch on Monday to see how hard I throw off a mound and check my weight.

As with any profession, a clear view of the environment that you’ll be working in is a must. Those that choose an engineering profession - any engineering profession, will find a highly academic, constantly shrinking sector of choice as innovation after innovation alters the thinking and wants of a dynamic market place.

Here are just some of the things that you must consider when choosing this lifestyle as a way of life.

  • There are two things that will constantly plague you throughout you career - youth and experience. Both are at the extreme ends of the professional spectrum, and are judged by others, while at the same time, the judges themselves are being judged. Hence the job security market is an if-ee one for everybody. This environment is constantly leaving self doubts in everyone’s mind … “do I have a job tomorrow.” Youth is your strongest asset, on the one hand, with inexperience hanging on the other end of a seesaw. Kind of a … you’re damned if you do, damned if you don’t. As you gain experience, your clock starts ticking as the agility of youth slowly slips away.

*The multitier system of going through the Minors will wear on your youth as you learn your trade. The bottom runners of this tier system will test your willingness to tolerate poor accommodations, long bus rides, a new awaking to your digestive system, board line alcoholics, and a spectrum of humanity.

*Forget having any friendship with anyone running neck and neck for a job. You’ll constantly listen for those being released, injured, and falling out of favor with the coaching staff.

*Expect the unexpected. Getting sick from, and by what, only God knows, will tug at your ability to keep your performance levels. A minor case of the sniffles can run temp with the chills in a heart beat. Athlete’s foot from a gang shower can burn forever, and left untreated can result in serious complications. Sunburns, bug bites, scrapes and bruises will be an everyday norm.

*This business is a team of one. You’ll have to get use to being alone, placing nothing personal out there for discussion or placing your confidence in no one.

*You’ll see those who you think have less talent than you, called up to a high level on the ladder. That’s just the nature of the beast. Besides, every time you see this happen, you’ll have to reappraise your opinions of just how talented are you.

By the time your in your mid 30’s, if you haven’t made it to where you believe you should be, think of the dramatic lifestyle changes that you’re going to make if you decide to leave professional baseball. On the flip side, think about the place in life that you’ll be in, IF, you decide to stay in professional baseball. Either way, remember the greatest asset that youth gave you, well, now that’s gone. Your experience is only as good as it can compare to others a lot younger and quicker.

Personal relationships are extremely difficult to manage. You’ll witness your friends back home getting engaged, married, settling down and raising a family, good jobs, and most of all a life of stability. You won’t have any of that, and don’t let anyone try and convince you otherwise.

This business is one of the hardest, toughest, and cruelest ways to may a living.

Of course … others have done it, and why no you. As you gain experience and play this game, perhaps what I mentioned above will show itself… as this game…turns into a way to make a living.

Thanks Coach_Baker. I’ll definitely take into account what you said above.

Did not get a workout yesterday so today was full go. Started phase 1 of tuff cuff today. Putting in some extra cardio work late today.

Sorry for not updating daily. Had two games the past two days for our Babe Ruth league games. The first game I pitched 1 inning 1 hit 1 walk 1 strikeout 0 runs. 0-2 at the plate with a walk. Last night I did not pitch and was 1-3 with a double and 2 RBI. Lifted weights everyday this week looking to get some throwing in today and tomorrow before our game on Saturday.

My daughter played volleyball at a very small Christian school and was told by everyone that she couldn’t make it to the college level. Over time, she worked her behind of in the weight room and in the gym practicing on the weakest part of her game. By the time she graduated high school she was All-State, All-Conference, All-District and was offered to play at several DI schools. She ultimately chose to play at the DII level because she felt the larger DI classrooms and the student body was overwhelming. She overcame many obstacles along the way and didn’t give up until she reached her goal. My point is that there will be many naysayers and most will be your friends and family; do not listen to the negativity. Work towards your goal and do not stop until you accomplish what you desire.

Good luck and God bless
Former college pitcher and current pitching coach

@topgun821 thanks. I’ll keep that in my mind throughout my journey

Had a game on Saturday went 1-1 with an RBI single and didn’t get to pitch. Have a playoff game tonight that I hope I’ll pitch in. I’ll leave an update tomorrow. Got in tuffcuff work for the weekend and made it to the gym this morning.

Update: The parks and rec league ended on Monday night because we lost in the playoffs. Went 1-2 HBP and a run. My batting average for the year was around .400, but I only pitched 4 times in 12 games this year. I feel like I didn’t pitch enough to get to be the best player I can be. I do feel other areas of my game got better in hitting and fielding. I have lifted weights everyday this week in the mornings and the rest of the day I am a volunteer for a summer camp. I’m going to make a few changes to my
workout routine and eating habits and try to update them daily. I’m through three weeks of my summer so far and made some decent progress. I’m going to strive to get even better as the summer goes on.

I haven’t posted on my log for a while. I haven’t pitched in a game since the end of my rec season back in June. Ive played catch about three times a week and lifted weights every weekday. I’m playing football this fall so I will have to make space for baseball. I think I will not play football next year and focus on baseball. Right now I usually pitch about twice a week. This coming year I’ll be a sophomore and want to start on varsity baseball this season. Looking forward to getting back to work.

I will also try to post everyday now

It’s been about two months since I last posted here. I’ll recap my training in the past two months. I’ve been busy with football in the afternoons and school in the morning so not much time to get work in. I usually throw a lot on the weekends. One thing I have made progress in is weightlifting and conditioning. I run everyday during football, I run about 1,000 yards of sprints just during conditioning. I take weightlifting as one of my electives everyday at school and I’ve put on about 10-15 lbs. I only have 2-3 weeks left of football left. I’ve already signed up for some winter clinics for Baseball to get stronger. I’m not playing any sports this winter so I should be able to focus on baseball. I’ll post again in a few weeks when I start my training for Baseball. Sorry for not updating for awhile.

So now I’m officially done with other sports for this year. On to baseball. My high school team is supposed to have workouts Monday’s and Wednesday’s after school, but it rained this Monday, so we did not practice. A lot of the guys on the team play basketball so I’m looking to get better while they are still focusing on basketball. Looking to get some work in the weight room this winter to add some more velocity. I also signed up for a local hitting clinic with a college coach, so I’m looking to improve everywhere, not just pitching. I’ve have the tuffcuff book for pitchers, so I will do the workouts in the book. Looking forward to getting started tomorrow. Will update everyday now.

Today was a speed day in my strength and conditioning class at school today. I learned some new exercises from my coach to improve speed. I do not know the exact name, but I will ask tomorrow. I’m looking to get my 60 yard dash time faster. Yesterday I created an account on NCSA recruiting. I will post video and statistics to there and will update them in this log. For the rest of this week I will have weight lifting days tomorrow in class and then Friday (arms) and Saturday (legs) on my own. Also going to try to get some field work in depending on the weather.

I forgot to add my short term and long term goals so here they are:
Short Term:
Be up between 150-160 lbs by the start of the season (135 lbs current).
Earn a starting spot on Varsity this year.(sophomore season)
Long Term:
Play college baseball at a NCAA div. 1 school.
Play baseball professionally.

Robert, thanks for continuing to update us on your progress; I have enjoyed following your story. Follow the Tuff Cuff program as prescribed, it is a good program. Just remember the bigger you get (mass) the harder you should be able to throw.

Just remember to have fun at this young age and remember that attending college at any level should be your goal if you want to play past high school. There are some really good programs below the DI level including JUCO. If you have the opportunity to play after high school and that is still your goal do not limit yourself to just DI schools.

Good luck and keep posting.

This week will be a big week for me training wise. I’ll be starting a hitting clinic on Wednesday’s, so I’m excited for that. Not a lot of work this week because of the holiday, but look forward to getting back to work this week. I’ll update everyday for with the workouts I do.


Your willingness to grind this journey out says volumes about your character, your success, and your ability to set priorities. Very few, regardless of age and station in life, have these qualities.

Every once and while you’ll hit a wall, inertia, criticisms by others who refuse to see these qualities in you and your willingness to endure. You’re above those people and their lack of vision, vision that you have and will continue to groom.

When this wall, inertia, and cynicism comes your way - just open to this web site and read the above.

Coach B.

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Got some good work in this week. I went to the hitting clinic and I can already to I’m making improvements and I’ve only been to a couple. I talked to some older guys on the team about what they do in the offseason to stay in shape for the season. Overall it was a good week for me, but I know I can do even better. Looking to put in some work outside of the weather is nice. I’ll post what I did for that at the end of tomorrow