My journey to D1 baseball and beyond!

I finally decided to start my own personal pitching log, as a way of charting my progress. I have been a serious player my whole life but just cracked down a couple years ago.
Name: Matt
Year: Sophomore
Starting Height: 6’3"
Starting Weight: 200 lbs
Throws/Bats: Right
Other Positions: C
Alternate Sports: Football, Basketball
Fitness Stats/Personal Bests: 170 lb bench press max, 360 lb squat, 140 lb clean…body fat%: 10%
Pitch Arsenal: 2-seam, 4-seam, change-up, developing curve-ball
Velocity: low-mid 80s
Max out: 85
Long-Term Goals: To become not only a successful Division I pitcher or catcher but a Professional Catcher or pitcher
Short(er) Term Goals:

  1. Gain 15 lbs of muscle by the start of next season
  2. Increase my fastball velocity to upper 80s
  3. Become a dominant pitcher and catcher in my Varsity league
  4. Perfect mechanics to maximize velocity/accuracy, and reduce injury risk

How I will accomplish this:

  1. Stick to my rigorous workout/throwing program
  2. Continue becoming a student of the game, keeping an open mind
  3. Playing baseball at a competitive level