My journey to college baseball

my lifting weights from today:

Overhead squat w/ bar- 55lb/15reps/2sets
Alternate D.B. Bench-67.5lbs/8rep(each arm)/5 sets
R.D.L-155lbs/8reps/4 sets
Pulls ups- 10lbs/8-4-4-4 reps/4 sets supposed to do 8 reps each set.
Grippers-3 sets 50 reps
Reverse Grip Curls- 35lbs/8-7-7/3 sets supposed to do 12 each set

Jumped rope before 200x

Elliptical- 20:00 .91 miles



Did you ever consider training heavy weights/low reps with the basic power lifts?

That has it’s place but that place is to build muscle and size.

I’m not too concerned about getting huge guns or a huge chest. I just focus on my workout and incrementally increase my weight.

To answer your question, no I don’t unless the workout I’m doing calls for it.

Cleans and clean pulls are both 5 reps if I remember correctly. You can check my earlier posts to be sure if you want. That is probably my lowest reps for any exercise.

I would recommend doing more sets of more reps. The amount weight is not as important as building muscle strength and endurance.

Thanks for voting!

Earlier today I stretched and did my arm strength program.

After I shower and eat some dinner I’m going to do some yoga and do some abs.

We pitched today at practice, so that makes it four days in row that I have thrown. That being said, I’m going to rest my arm until my next practice which is Tuesday. I will continue to lift and do everything else as normal.

I’m also going to continue to work on seperated my hips and torso rotation by doing the broom drll. Hopefully that helps and I get a little more on my fastball.

Merry Christmas/Holidays to all!

My dad is a former trainer and a current gym teacher so he knows about the body and working out.

The first time I did anything lifting wise in my life he said and I quote, “You lift to prevent injuries, bigger muscles are a bi-product of that.”

I just figured I put that on here. I think people have that misconception about lifting. You need to strengthen your muscles to increase performance and decrease your chance of injury. Muscle size and gain are bi-products of working out and shouldn’t be the overall goal. Especially in a baseball sense where large muscles can actually hinder a player.

Just my thoughts before I do some and abs. Yes I know it’s late. I’m weird like that. I don’t get tired until the very late hours of the night or early morning.


I stretched 2x20.
Did some yoga.
15 min. on my elliptical.
Jump rope x200
Arm strength program

Slept in until11am!!

I didn’t lift today because I was tired from working out at practice yesterday. So I’m going to lift tomorrow, well I guess today now.

I hope everyone has a good holiday. Peace, for now!

I lifted yesterday. I will post my weights I used for the various exercises on here later today. My lifting sheet is in my basement and I’m not. haha :stuck_out_tongue:

Today I’m going to:
stretch 2x20

Yoga-Rodney Yee’s Ultimate Power Yoga-I’m going to try and do the whole tape(all 5 programs) I don’t know if I will feel like it, but we’ll see. I’ll let you all know when I post my weights on here later.

Cadio-I believe today I’m going to bike for 30 min. I forget what I put down on my cardio program for Sundays. Will update tonight.

Arm Strength Program

Abs Program

Jump Rope x200

hitting/throwing mechanics work.

Merry Christmas! I got some Mount Union gear and a Bushnell Radar gun. I’m going to throw a little bit tomorrow, so we’ll see how accurate it is.

I didn’t end up doing the whole dvd. That was an unrealistic goal because the whole dvd would have taken well over an hour to do. So I did on of the 20 min. programs. I will continue to do 1-2 of the programs on the dvd everyday.

I didn’t do any cardio because Sunday is the one day of the week that I didn’t have myself do any cardio. It’s probably good to give my legs one solid day of rest a week.

I did everything else I was planning on doing.

Here are my weights from Friday’s lifting workout that I did this Saturday.

Clean Pulls 5x5 155 lb
Bench(not all the way down, I go down to where my bi/tri are parallel to the bar) 10 reps 160 lb- 1 set with this, 8 reps with 165 lb. 4 -sets with this.
Lunge- 65 lb 5 sets-(16 steps) #of steps for each set 16, 10,10,10, 10
Tri-extention 70lb x6 reps, 60lb x5reps so 2 total sets I dropped down in weight because I struglled with 70 lb
Glute Ham Raise-3x10(body weight)

I have decided that I’m going to take this week off from lifting.

I will however continue to do everything else. I believe that it is good to take a week off from lifting every once in a while. I have lifting consitently since the end of fall ball and this will probably be my last chance to rest before the rigors of the baseball season/s start.

I’m going to continue to post about my other workouts that I do-my cardio, abs, etc.

I used my Bushnell radar gun to clock myself today and I topped out at 84 mph! And that is still with my stupid hitch and with bad shoulder and hip rotation.

Got to keep working on my mechanics so I can sling the ball faster!!

Stretched 2x20
Arm Strength program
jumped rope x200
cardio elliptical 20 min- distance .97

didn’t do yoga today. I wasn’t really felling it and with the new yoga program i wrote up I would have been doing the same program today that I did yesterday. Not to mention, I didn’t have any yoga planned on Sundays, which is the day I wrote the program.

I will be sure do some tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a good holiday!

P.S. Check out my channel for my latest pitching video-

I didn’t do too much today.

According to my dad, your testosterone levels are higher in the mornings. So I’m going to workout in the morning tomorrow. Still continuing my week off from lifting though.

I did some abs, pitched, pitching drills, hit, and jumped rope 200x.

Not lifting has really thrown me out of loop. It also doesn’t help that there is not school this week.

I WILL be dedicated to my craft for the rest of this break and WILL do everything that I plan do.


I did indeed accomplish everything I needed early in the day.

I jumped rope 200x
elliptical 20 minutes
abs program
arm strength program
pitching drills-

Didn’t do the knee drill because I didn’t want to throw today. Shoulder is still a little stiff from throwing this week. I’m going to start an iboprofin regiment until the pain subsides.

I hit for a bit today. I tried to focus on a few things. Keeping my front let straight when I swing, getting some push with my back foot, and when keeping my front leg straight/stiff not dipping my back shoulders and hitting under the ball.

I just finished Program 3 from Rodney Yee’s Ultimate Power Yoga.

I’m going to stretch in a little bit, but I’m only going to do one hamstring stretch instead of my usually two because the yoga bends covered some of it.

I threw about 50 pitches today. I recorded some and uploaded them to youtube. So if anyone wants to look/comment on them just click the link in my signature.

I’m going to do some abs later after I grab a shower.
I’m not going to do my arm strength program today because of how much I threw. I’m just going to ice.

I jumped rope and did my stationary bike for 30 minutes earlier today. I also did some yoga and stretched.

I’m also going to work on my pitching/hitting mechanics a little bit tonight.


Just got done looking over a great helping tool made by Fred Correl(misspelled his last name I’m sure).

I’m going to work on my arm timing first since that seems to be the biggest problem right now.


Im a freshman looking for some advice. I went to the Kent State site.

1- Do they have an actual strength/conditioning routine they recommend for pitchers on the site?

2-Whose pitching/mechanics program do you follow?

I don’t know if they have one for pitchers. I just got the one my coach gave my team.

I look at any pitcher who is under 6 ft. Because I am under that height and shorter guys usually have good mechanics.

To name some guys: Tim Lincecum, Craig Kimbrel, Tim Collins, Short guy on the white sox(I forget his name).

And really anyone else with good mechanics.

I think if you use my program, it’s important to supplement it with other things. Like an arm strength program, abs, cardio, etc.

pitching/hitting mechanics
jump rope 200x
stationary bike 30 min.

I can’t wait to start lifting next week. This week has got me back in the mindset that I really really really want to lift.

My shoulder has been kind of stiff for the past couple of days, so I’m not going to do any throwing Monday and not do any extra pitching other than high school and travel throughout the week.

Arm UP in the power position!! create torque!! separate hips and shoulders!!

Hitting-keep a stiff front leg while maintaining your posture, don’t dip behind the ball and swing through the ball. Straighter bat plane!1

I won’t be working on all these at once, but it’s always a good idea to write down your goals.
I don’t think I’ll post my mechanics video on here, but I will probably post it to youtube. I will use my brother’s video camera because it take higher quality videos than my smart phone. Oddly though the image it more fuzzy but the video is better in general.

Hope everyone has a good new year! 2012 enjoy it before the world blows up haha :stuck_out_tongue:


At least the world is going to blow us after the 2012 baseball season…haha!