My journey to college baseball

Height 5’11
Weight 179-181

top speed- 82 mph

Grade- Senior in high school

Current Team-18u Diamond Boys

Current Collegiate Plans-Mount Union University(Division III)-Pitch/outfield/maybe some first and third. Wherever I can play.

Dream school- Akron University, or any D1 or D2 school that has my degree.

Goal Speed(by beginning of college which is Aug. 27)-85-86mph

Long Term Goal Speed 90+ mph

Goal weight 190 lbs (by winter)
Long term weight goal 200-210 lbs

College goals:
-start on varsity my freshmen year as a pitcher and position player.
-Throw 85 mph or more


I’ll update on few things. I’m almost 100% going to Mount Union. I will be sending my info out to some other schools to gauge their interest, but I’ll most likely end up going to Mount. Which is a great school.

I was cut from my high school team this year, so I have been working hard to improve my mechanics before the travel ball season. My season starts June 1, so I still have a month to work on them.

Hopefully through my hard work, I can improve my mechanics enough to throw 90 mph. Hitting is also important to me, but my first love has always been pitching.

Any advice or anything is greatly appreciated! Thanks!

Today was the first day for high school indoor pitching. We had been doing a little throwing as a team when it was warm enough.

We threw 25 fastballs in a bullpen today.

I was focusing on my mechanics, trying to stay back longer, so I only managed 10 strikes. I felt like I was throwing pretty hard, but strikes matter more.

Where we threw had poor lighting and no heat, but my coach said that would be getting fixed, hopefully soon.

After I threw my bullpen I went and threw my weighted balls 20 at 6 oz. and 20 at 4 oz. Then I threw about 20 pitches working on my mechanics. I threw a ton today so I probably won’t throw my weighted balls again until maybe Thursday.

I also lifted earlier today. My workout is the from the Kent State Baseball team and it is as follows:
Step ups 10, 8, 5, 5, 5 reps
Rows- 4 sets of 8 reps
split jumps-3 sets of 15(each leg)
shoulder exercises(I’ll post my arm strength program I made on here sometime, don’t have my sheet with me now throw)
Bar hang 2 sets of 40 seconds
This workout is just for Monday’s

I also jump rope (100x) before I lift to warm up.

For my cardio I usually run mile after I do running drills(will post a description of them on here at some point). Today though I am going to run on my elliptical machine for 30 min

Another note for today-I didn’t do my arm strength stuff today because of how much I pitched today.

Today I did some abs 2 sets of 10 of the following: knee ups, leg extensions, crunch-knee ups, bicycle(10 each leg), crunch and hold for 3 seconds, side crunch(10 each side), and ‘snakes’(10 each ankle). After that I did 2 sets of planks each one for 1:15 min.

I have a yoga tape called Rodney Yee’s Power Yoga. I’m going to do the first half of that because the second half is mostly stretching stuff, and I do other stretches on my own.

I plan on hitting for a bit today at my local baseball facility before I go to my travel ball practice tonight.

I will post my arm strength program on here tonight along with a summary of my practice with my travel team.

At practice today we:
Did a long fielding station because we were being evaluated. Two hitting and one pitching station. Then did a workout at the end.

My arm strength program goes as follows:
From the Thrower’s 10 program:
-PNF D2 Extension/Flexion 2x10
-External/internal rotation at 0 degrees 2x10
-External/internal rotation at 90 degrees 2x10
-lateral raise 2x10 with 10lb
-Full Can 2x10 with 5lb
-Prone horizontal Abduction(neutral and at 100 degrees) 2x10 5lb
-Press ups 3x10 body weight
-Prone rowing 2x10 10 lb

-Wrist roller (PVP pipe with a string attached to 10 lb) 1x4 (Unless covered by that day’s workout)
-Grippers 1x50(unless covered by that day’s workout)

-Pitching band drills 1x10 right/left hands
Bend and reach
power L position to extension

Empty can 2x10

Everything-Slow and Controlled

Today I lifted and threw with my high school team.
We threw 30 pitches. I went to go hit afterwords and I threw 10 more so I had something to record and to analyze.
Here are my two videos:

I feel like I’m still throwing way to overhand. I also feel like I’m rushing to finish my motion. Should I be slower to my foot land? Let me know what you think. Thanks!

My lifting workout for today goes as follows:
2x15 overhead squats w/bar
4x8 alternate D.B. bench
4x8 R.D.L.
4x8 Pull Ups
3x50 Grippers
3x12 Reverse Curls

I did everything today except for the pull ups because I didn’t want to tire my arms/back too much before I pitched. I’m also not going to do any cardio today because I tweak my Achilles tendon/ankle when I slipped on one of my pitches. I’m going to go ice and use my massage chair for a bit. Peace!

P.S. Almost forgot about the abs! I’m going to go do my daily core twice and then plank once for 1:30 before I ice. I would do more but we did a lot of abs at practice yesterday. Peace for real this time!

I stretched today. I would have done yoga, but I decided to work on my mechanics instead. I had practice and we did baseball stuff and then did a ‘deck of cards’ so I’m not going to do any more additional abs. I’m going to go do my arm strength program in a little bit.
I should be able to lift tomorrow like normal unless I wake up really sore. I haven’t been able to do my running drills this week as normal because indoor pitching for the high school team, so I will have to adjust my time in order to fit those in.

We did some pitching drills today and I felt pretty good. I’m still working on lowering my arm slot and not tilting so much. I felt pretty good though. Hopefully I’m getting better at that. I also I’m working on keeping my lift leg back longer so my weight is back longer, so I can have more to push forward.
Hitting went okay, I still am working on hitting down on the ball more when I hit. I feel like that is going well because i’m hitting well.

The high school team is lifting tomorrow, but since last week the team decided not to lift(I still did), I’m going to lift during the day at my house and just do the running stuff/run a mile.

Almost Christmas break! I’ll post tomorrow. If anyone has any questions or comments about my posts or videos, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks all!

I lifted, ran a mile, did some running drills, my arm strength program, and of course abs.

My lifting program for today goes as follows:
Warm up-jump rope
Clean pulls 5x5
Bench 10-8-5-5-5 reps. 5 sets
Lunges 16 steps x 5 sets
Triceps extension-2x12
Glute ham raise 3x10

I will post the weights for all my different days and exercises next week. I would do it now but my sheet is upstairs and I’m not. haha.

I also throw my weighted balls
warm up-regular ball
6 oz. ball x 20
4 oz. ball x 20
regular ball x 20

My arm was not sore at all after I throw, except for my chest being sore from today and yesterday. I felt really good when I was throwing it. I was focusing on me squeezing my shoulder blades and keep my glove arm at a tighter angle. I was also trying to quicken up my arm so it didn’t drag as much when I rotated my hips. I felt like I was throwing pretty hard and accurate and since my arm wasn’t fatigued at all after, I must have been putting less stress on my shoulder.

Put up the Christmas tree today. Can’t wait to spend a hour putting all the decorations up, not. haha.


I went to my local facility this morning and hit off the tee and I struggled to make good contact for the longest time. I later found out, at practice, that I would loading down so I was swinging up at the ball. Fixed that and my swing was back to normal. I also threw my weighted balls but only 10 apiece just in case I had to throw a lot a practice later that day.

At travel practice today and we went through stations like usually. At pitching we throw a bullpen of 15 pitches, it felt pretty good. I’m still sore from working out so much this week, so I don’t think I threw my hardest. I throughly iced my arm when I got home. I took some iboprofin with my lunch so I will probably take some more tomorrow until I’m not sore.

I did my arm strength program today as well.

I lifted three times and with the deck of cards on Thursday and today that makes five workouts haha. I’m not going to do anything tomorrow. I think I might take a couple days at Christmas and not lift to let my body catch up with itself.

Tomorrow is my rest day, so I will just do my arm strength program, stretch, and maybe work on my mechanics a little bit, but nothing to strenuous. That being said, I might not post tomorrow and if I do it will probably be a short post.

“And that is the truth!”

Hello Jimmy,

Who did you learn your mechanics from. Whose programs did you like or dislike?


I haven’t used any certain program. This is just what I have been taught over time. I still need a lot of work because I’m no where near where I want to be. If you put a video on here, I can give you tips about what I think you need to do. I think the key though is to find a strength program and stick too it. There’s a ton of things that can work, but you have to do something. The workout I have mentioned in my earlier posts on here is from the Kent State baseball team and they have a great baseball program at that school. My arm strength program I also posted on here is something I developed from the thrower’s 10 and from stuff I already have done.

Consistency is the key!

I have been looking at getting the top velocity program, but my parents didn’t want me to get it because of the cost. It has a guarantee so it must have some benefit. I don’t know. If you happen to get that program, let me know what you think of it.

The more I think about it the more I think you should shy away from programs that promise things like that. There are many free resources on here where you can gain good information that will benefit you more than a program that may or may not work.

Just my opinion though.

I would read the disclaimer on any product before purchasing it. Top Velocity doesn’t guarantee velocity gain and there isn’t a warranty if you don’t.

That is my last note about that haha :stuck_out_tongue:

On a related note, I will be looking for a time this week where I can get another video of my mechanics on here. I will be working hard to fix some of my mechanical inefficiencies so hopefully I look better and throw better than my last video.

One more week until my one high school class is one break. haha.


I just got done with my yoga/stretching for the day. I got a new dvd that has 5 different things to do today. I did the first one which targeted abs. It only took 20 minutes and I felt really good afterwords.

After hitting I’m going to lift, abs, and ice my arm.

There is pitching today for my high school team, so I’m going to wait until after to lift, but I’m going to do my cardio, jump rope, and my arm strength program before I go to that.

After pitching I’m going to go hit next door to the place where we throw after I throw 10 more pitches so I can video tape my mechanics in better lighting.

Baring any technical difficulties I will have two fresh videos posted on here tonight. I will also post them to the mechanics section of the forum.

Along with my new pitching video, I will post the weight I used for my various exercises from my lifting program for today. I will continue to post my weights for my other workouts this week. I will try to put my weights on here every couple weeks.


I made these after pitching. At high school practice, my catcher said I was throwing faster, so I’m glad. My circle change was working great. It had a good speed, break, and good location. So an overall good day of throwing.

I’m going to go lift, then I will put my weights that I used on here later tonight after I ice and eat some dinner.

You can comment in here on my pitching or in the mechanics part of this forum. Thanks!

Alright here we go. I didn’t finish all my sets of my step ups because my legs were still a little sore from today and from my workouts last week so I only did 2 sets. I did everything else though.

Clean- 155- 5 reps 3 sets- only got 2 reps on the fourth set

Step Ups- 85(each db) 7 of 10 reps for the first set. Dropped down to 80 and did one more set at 80lbs 8 of 8 reps. I just wasn’t feeling like I had all my legs with me today. Oh well.

D.B. Row- 90lb 8 reps 2x - 90lb 6 reps - 90lb 5 reps

Split jumps 3x15(each leg) completed all reps-used body weight

6 way shoulder-I do my arm strength program instead of this.

Bar Hangs 2 sets of 30 seconds completed both sets. By the way, the time goes up by 5 seconds every week for 3 weeks then it resets back down to 30. It still is dang hard even at the lowest time.

I jumped rope earlier today(100x)

For my cardio I ran on my elliptical for 20 min while trying to keep above a 2.7 speed. With the program on their that I completed I went .87 of a mile. Not to bad. I’d rather have ran a mile today though. Oh well. I will run one Friday for sure if they school is open.

I forgot to do my running drills. I’m kind of ticked about that. I will make sure I get those in on Wednesday after I pitch.

That’s my workout schedule for today.


P.S. Good thing I work out almost every day because I have eaten way too much candy yesterday and today. haha :stuck_out_tongue:

I did the second section of my yoga tape. Went well.

My swing felt great today at practice. I just need to make it even more consistent than it is now.

I need to work on separating my hips and shoulders when I pitch. That is probably my biggest mechanical flaw as of now. My overall motion feels good. I could probably gain more velocity if I perfected that aspect of my motion.

I also stretched, abs, and after I grab a shower and some dinner. I’m going to do my arm strength program.

I also threw my weighted balls today, but only 10 each because of arm was a little sore from yesterday.

That’s it for today! Peace!

I’m going to do the following things today
Running drills
Jump ropex200
Pitching with the high school team

Things that I have already done today
stretch 2x20
Arm Strength Program

I’ll post my weights for my various exercise tonight sometime


whats your 1RPM on the bench and squat?

Since doing a 1rm is dangerous. I don’t do it, due to the risk of injury. My dad has showed me this site Great site. Has exercise for your whole body and blank workout sheets you can print and everything you could possibly need. And the best part is that it’s free. One other cool feature is the 1rm calculator. I personally haven’t been doing squats. I have been doing step-ups instead. According to a Gene Colemon workout book. They are more functionally than squats. My one rep max for step ups is 102lb. That would be in each hand so a total of 204lbs. I don’t know if I could hold that much weight in each hang haha. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now for my bench. I started really low when I started this workout because I had been doing dumbbell benching. My workout has me only benching once a week so i haven’t been able to progress to drastically. Last week for my first set of bench press I did 155x10 for my first set.

So using the calculator on the website I mentioned earlier my max is around 207 lbs. Here’s a link to the calculator Keep in mind that I do five sets of 10-8-8-8-8 reps. Last week it was 10-8-5-5-5 but it changed for this week.

I’m looking to squat and find out about were I’m at. So if I remember I’ll what I did on here. I did do 225lbs once the other day, but that was after 4 sets of lunges-16sets with 60 lb dumbbells, so my legs were a little tired.

I hope I answered your question! Look at my pool if you get the chance and read my goals and express your opinion. Thanks!

Also feel free to comment on my pitching videos!