My journey to college baseball

Here’s the skinny…

School: Montgomery College
Class: Class of 2015
GPA: 3.5
Age: 17

Height: 6’4"
Weight: 195
40 time: 5.0
60 time: IDK at the moment
Position: Can really come out at any time in the game. I want to be a starter, but I could be a reliever.
Velocity: 81-82 comfortably, tops at 86.
Pitches: 4-seam fastball (best pitch), 2-seam fastball (solid movement), curveball (developing), circle change (plus pitch).

Bench: 175 lbs. tops
Squat: 275lbs.

My goals in the short-term are pretty simple.

I want to get better. Regardless of whether I pitched well, I want to improve each day, regardless of whether that’s with command, velocity, baseball smarts…preferably, all three. I’m going to try out for my college team next season and I think I’ll make it. They need pitchers and have some open slots in the rotation. What I aim to do is do two years at MC, do well, and hopefully, get a chance to play college ball. And honestly, I couldn’t care less if it’s at a D-III school…I just wanna play ya know?

I’ll keep y’all updated.

Here’s my general workout:

Monday - Hills (15 or so), lunges (up and down a local soccer field), exercise bike (20 minutes), basketball (play a game with friends, but serious).

Tuesday - Sprints (up and down a local soccer field), lunges (up and down a soccer field), upper body strengthening (pushups, crunches, etc.), long toss (15 to 20 minutes), bullpen session (40 pitches).

Wednesday - Leg/lower body workout (jump rope, sprints, soccer, lunges, hills, exercise bike), bullpen session (40 pitches), long toss (15 to 20 minutes).

Thursday - Long toss (15 to 20 minutes), more leg work, watch the great MLB pitchers and try to nitpick them on what they do on and off the field in terms of how they carry themselves, how they prepare, etc. Bullpen for 60 pitches.

Friday - Mixed in lower and upper body workout. Do leg work with exercise bike, jump rope, hills, lunges, upper body with pushups. Bullpen for 60 pitches.

Saturday - Start (100-110 pitches), sharpen breaking pitches, maintain command, learn to work without best stuff.

Sunday - Be sore. Do a lighter workout. Hills, bike, lunges, jump rope.