My Intro (music please)

Hi everyone. I’ve been fortunate enough to stumble onto this site one night. I truly love being on here.

I feel is if I haven’t properly introduced myself event though I have made some posts.

I’m 14 years old. I pitch, I also play first, third, and a little leftfield. I play for THE Ohio Havoc Baseball Team out of Cincy, Ohio. I am an 8th grader a starting left tackle for the football team, and a starting power forward for a team out of Springdale, Ohio.

I look forward to talking to everyone on hear eventually. And Go Reds!

Goog luck kid! and welcome!


Welcome, Ohio Havoc eh that name sounds familiar I think a guy I played College ball played in that program.

Well it only has a 14u team and less then a year of history so… Haha I hope we will have college players come from there. That’s a dream and goal or ours is to have many teams and very famous alumni. Now there was an Ohio Havoc paintball team in the early 2000s

cdub99, do you play usssa, league, legion ball or what?

USSSA in the 14u South West Ohio League