My HS kid consistently brushes underneatch his throws

The ball rises dramatically out of his hand, and it appears to drop dramatically towards the end of its flight.

Perhaps his wrist flops. Perhaps he pronates too much. He also has very short fingers and a small hand. He plays in the outfield, so we need to get this corrected.

I don’t even know where to beginning.

We live in the Northern part of So Cal.

Any quick tips or references of who to see?

Is the throw coming out of his hand softly? It sounds like he might be leading with his elbow, if that’s the case. Need more info or video to be sure.

I have fixed a thing or two. Maybe you can take a look…

Couldn’t get the video to play.
Jim Wagner from Throwzone is in Santa Clarita/Valencia. He mostly works with pitchers I think but is a very good guy. Check out his site or give him a call. He is a nice guy.

video is private. we can’t view without a sign in.

Try this:

I like the arm speed. He looks like he’s throwing a football. It appears he could benefit from trunk flexion and follow through work. Currently he does not follow through and he does not get over his landing foot after release. I don’t usually like the towel drill, but as long as he doesn’t minimize his arm speed. He may benefit from it.


Arm is very quick.

Throws it like a football. That’s the problem I believe. Have him get more on top of the ball so it has vertical soon instead of side to side. Also, once be starts to get on top of the ball better have him try to loosen up and drag out his arm instead of such a short arm action. If he can work on those two things I believe not only more accurate but higher velocity and a healthier arm as well. (And more accurate of course) hope that helps!