My home town made the news!

As one of the fattest cities in America, the mayor is trying to push for more active Oklahomans!


Haha, my increidbly small county town in upstate NY has been on TV twice this year! First for our infamous derrek the dancer featured on So you think you can dance? And today we had one of our chearleaders on MTV’s TrueLife, just was on today for the first time.

Pretty funny that on the same page as that rticle there is an ad for Orville Redenbacher Butter Popcorn.

HAHAHHAHAHAHA I didn’t even notice that. I’ve pretty much tuned out advertisements as they are all full of some nice cow poop.

That’s ironic. I bet if our mayor knew he would be mad.

yea I noticed that I went to the page and Orville was staring at me

Where about?

Thats one way to make news? haha

Brockport area? I guess it’s not really upstate NY but close enough. Inbetween rochester and buffalo. Where abouts do you live?

Ah, I live in the washington, dc area…but both of my parents are from upstate.

Auburn (near Syracuse)

and the Catskills Mtns. (Sullivan county)