My Highschool pitching stats so far

I play for a small A team out of Greenville, SC. I’m a Sophomore and pitch for varsity. Here are my stats for the 2007 season.

Pre-season/Regular Season…starting playoffs
Pitching Stats:
Games: 14
Innings: 40
Wins: 6
Loss: 2
Hits: 45
Runs: 30
Earned Runs: 13 (yes, my team makes a ton of errors)
Home Runs: 2 :cry: (they both happened in the same inning, strong winds, shallow park, bad command of changeup)
Walks: 19
ERA: 2.28

Batting Stats:
Games: 23
At Bats: 67
Runs: 20
Hits: 24
Doubles: 5
Triples: 1
HR: 1 (grand slam, 1st game)
RBI’s: 26
Walks: 9
Strike outs:15
Stolen Bases: 7
Average: .358
Slugging %: .507
On Base %: .418

Looking forward to finishing up playoffs, and off to showcase team.
Check out team website

if you had a defense you’d be an all-star

those are really good stats, keep it up the next 2 years