My Goal: Make the Varsity Team- My Personal Offseason Log

It all began back in 9th grade, when I pretty much started playing baseball (I played when I was younger, but didn’t really care much about it because of former love for soccer). I was miserable at the 9th grade tryouts because of my inexperience, so I signed up for my local recreation league. I didn’t do too bad, but that year was a learning experience, and it was my first ever year pitching.

Then came the 10th grade tryouts. I was alot better this time around, but I still wasn’t ready for the High School level, so I got cut and went back to the recreation league. That year of recreation was just absolutely horrible. All the things I did to work on my pitching went right down the drain, and I pretty much choked and lost my mechanics, and my ability to pitch. I took alot of crap during that season because of how badly I played, and I took alot of crap in the offseason too. I got everything from everyone, like “your never gonna make varsity, quit now”, “you suck, stop wasting your time”. My new motivation was to prove all of them people wrong.

So after that season, I decided to go and get stronger at my local gym. I changed my diet around, and did things to make myself a better pitcher. I basically worked my ass off. Baseball conditioning finally came in November, and I showed up to every workout but 1 in which I was sick. But I worked harder than anyone there, and the coach saw how badly I wanted to make the team. I didn’t throw much in the offseason, but I threw a bullpen probably every week. I wanted to throw more, but there was never anyone to throw with.

As tryouts neared, my pitching began to cave in again. The weekend before tryouts, I threw 1 last bullpen, but I began to feel pain in my elbow, and my mechanics were falling apart. So going into my 3rd year of tryouts, I decided that I was only going to tryout for 2nd base. On the 1st day of tryouts, my plan for just 2nd base began to fail, as I missed ground ball after ground ball and bad throw after bad throw. As the end of the 1st day of tryouts neared, I decided that all I could do to save my chances of making the team was to throw a bullpen and hope that my mechanics would return. The pitching coach for the school team who watched my 1st bullpen at the 9th grade tryouts watched my bullpen again. I don’t know how it happened, but my mechanics returned, and I threw a really good bullpen. “You have a come a very long way, I remember in 9th grade when you threw a bullpen, you couldent even throw a strike, and now you have come in here as a completely different player.” That is exactly what the pitching coach said, and I will always remember it.

The next morning, we found out who made the Varsity and JV team, and I had learned that all my hard work paid off, as I saw my name on the JV list. But I was still a little annoyed that I had only made the JV team because 11th graders shoulden’t make the JV team. But I knew that I had to start somewhere, and I ended up having a OK season. Here were my stats: 17.1 IP, 3.28 ERA, 1 win, 1 loss, 3 saves.

So now a new offseason has come, and I plan on making the Varsity team next year. I am going to work harder than ever before because I want to make Varsity more than anything.

I am going to be posting my workouts and my food/drink/supplement intake everyday for you all to observe, and if you feel the need to help me on anything, feel free to, because I can still use alot of advice.

This week I am going to be just making the transition back into training mode, so I am going to run all week, and then return to the weight room next week. I am also gonna fix my diet this week. Updates will be posted later on tonight.

Great read, Redsox! Mind>Matter! :slight_smile: I’ll be following!

Wouldn’t worry about making varsity as a junior or not. Brett Hunter was a freshman all-american at Pepperdine last year. He was on JVs as a junior and signed with Pepperdine before he ever played varsity ball.

Great advice CADad! Also, Steve Ellis lives in Massachusetts; I believe this is where you reside… Maybe you can arrange to meet with him?

I would PM him about this; if I lived over there, I would probably see if I could set something up with him…

i actually live in florida, but I’m going up to massachusetts for 3 weeks this summer. thanks for the advice CADad, and I also think of orel hershiser, because he was cut from the team when he was in high school, and he also wasent very good in the minors at one point. alot of things motivate me, but i just hope that some day, someone can look at me and use me as motivation.

[size=18]Daily Diet for 04/09/07[/size]

1 cup of Antioxidant Smart Start Cereal W/ 1/2 cup of 1% Milk
1 Plain Bagel W/ 1 Tbsp of light cream cheese
One 8 Fl Oz. glass of Orange Juice

Vitamins- 1 Multivitamin, 1 Vitamin E Softgel, 1 Fish Oil Soft Gel, 1 Flaxseed Oil Softgel, 1 Vitamin C Tablet

2 Ham sandwiches on whole wheat bread (4 slices)
1 low fat Yoplait blackberry yogurt
1 Hershey’s Sweet and Salty Granola Bar
One 8 Fl Oz. glass of 1% Milk

1 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast
1 Cup of Broccoli
1 Cup of Whole Grain Rice
One 8 Fl Oz. Glass of 1% Milk

[size=18]My Workout for 04/09/07[/size]

All I did today was run a Mile and a Half, which took 13 minutes and 6 seconds. I wanted to take it easy today because I want to slowly get back into training. After more than 2 weeks of rest, its probably hard for everyone to get back into training.

I also did 200 various types of crunches, along with 1 minute of planks.

I also threw in 97 pushups. Tried to do 4 sets of 25, but on the last set I could only do 22 haha. I will update tomorrow. Comments and feedback appreciated.

sorry about the lack of updates this week, i’ve just been so busy with work. Oh if any of you didn’t know, I’m working at Subway now. But my diet has been ok, mainly 3 meals a day, cereal for breakfast, sandwiches on wheat bread for lunch, and if im working, then I get a sub and load it up with meat lol. But the only way that I’m gonna start training in the weight room is if I stick to a 3 day a week plan, or I can wait until I save up for a car, which should be around the end of June. But this is very confusing, and I dont know what to do. I’m working 4 days a week usually from 3-10 oclock, and I have school before work unless its on the weekend. If anyone has an idea for me, that would be great, thanks.

Well I did a bit of a workout tonight. Wasent much, but it was pretty hard. I’d have to rate the toughness of the workout 9/10 lol. My energy wasent very good probably cuz I had dinner around 45-60 minutes before I started lol. And the burpees were very hard, after I got to the 8th one, i had to slow down a little.

50 pushups
100 single leg bodyweight squats (50 Each Leg)
30 Burpees
60 seconds of planks

My diet wasent very good today, and I feel bad about it. For breakfast, I had about 2 cups of Total Cereal, with a glass of OJ and some vitamins. For lunch, I didnt have much of an appetite, so all I had was a slice of pizza hit pizza, a carton of 2% milk, and a carton of Chocolate Milk. For dinner, I had 1 hotdog, 1 piece of boneless skinless chicken breast with about a cup of lettuce. And for dessert, I had a cup of 50% fat free vanilla ice cream, with a slice of this cherry cake sort of thing. It was like a very thin sponge with cherries. So yeah, overall, I rate my diet a 3 out of 10 for today.

what happend no more updates but it was a very good read