My Glove

Its so broken in that its just floppy and cant catch anything real good. I think its cuz I soaked it with water to where it just cracked the leather when it dried up and made it bad. Is there any ways I could stiffen it up? Or is a new glove in order?

“its just floppy and cant catch anything real good”

Just put it on the shelf and let your son/daughter play with it, when it’s time.

why would you soak it in water? that ruins it. its a myth that soaking your glove in water or baking it breaks it in. try using saddle soap. i used that and it worked nicely.

I was clueless at the time lol, but whats saddle soap?

Id reccomend to get a new glove and using the Rawlings glove oil. Dont bake it or soak it or anything crazy. The best thing to do is play catch a lot.

I dont know what position you play, but for a 2B, SS SP or even 3B you could look at the glove Derek Jeter wears. I have the same model. It was 169.99 i believe but I’ve had it since I was 11 and have played year round ball (I’m 16 now) and its still holdin up pretty well.

yeah idk why you soaked it in water? haha get a new glove…a good one is the nokona kangaroo skin thats what i have and i love it…great glove