My future Outlook

Hey, I’m 18 and an high school junior. I’m 5-10, 175, 18-19% BF. Last year I was 5-9, 175 at 23-24% BF. I havent grown much in a while so I hope I am a late bloomer. Anyways, I worked hard this offseason increasing my velocity from 60-70 MPH. I got cut from varsity this year, althouhg i go to a school of 1800 and about 10 others out of 30 were cut. I am slow, ran a 8.8 60 yard dash but hope to improve that this offseason. I’ve pitched well this year in JV. 12 IP, 1 ER, 7 K’s, 0 BB’s. Probably a groundball to flyball rate 2:1. I’ve got 4 pitches, Fastball, 3 finger change, 2 seem sinker, and 10-4 curve, hopefully improve that to a 12-4. I am look to get more agile while becoming stronger so I’ll be doin upper and lower body plyos along with my lifts which are squat, clean, deadlift, row, bench, military press. I bought online a jump rope and a medicine ball for my upper body plyos.
I hope to increase my velocity from 70-85 MPH this offseason. Right now, my bench is a bit weak at 110 LBS (had wrist tendonitis). My squats only 185 right now, hoping to get it up to 250 in 7 months. So, assuming i dont grow much more within next year, do you think i can get my velocity up 15 MPH in 9 months?

I’m definitely not going to say 15 mph is impossible, but it might be a rather lofty goal to set for yourself. Focus on incremental change (getting to 75, first off) and take things one step at a time. Gaining strength and power will certainly aid your velocity, but gaining 15 mph purely from strength increases is something that I have never seen before. You also need to focus on mechanics, maybe tweaking some things.